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  1. BigMikey00 added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    not sure if u still supporting this but for some reason im getting a error when i try to join either a tournament or a ladder saying im not a qualifying leader i have created 3 account 3 teams still same error. what can i fix 
  2. BigMikey00 added a post in a topic: Question regarding Password hashing   

    this actually did help when i looked at in the source i wasnt quite understanding it but once i looked at this I got it
    I have Successfully managed to make my Program create the hash so i could compare the results from the database. now it succcessfully logs in
    for future reference 
    this is pretty much how i did the conversion using Visual basics
    Dim md5Hasher As New Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider Dim bytes2hex = Function(bytes() As Byte) String.Join("", Array.ConvertAll(bytes, Function(b) b.ToString("x2"))) Dim md5 = Function(s As String) bytes2hex(md5Hasher.ComputeHash(System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(s))) Dim hash = md5(md5(salty) & md5(password))  
  3. BigMikey00 added a post in a topic: Question regarding Password hashing   

    no response
  4. BigMikey00 added a post in a topic: Question regarding Password hashing   

    Im trying to develop a program for VIP members no my site. i already have majority of everything in place just trying to get a working login system. I make my connection to the database it checks the data but the passwords will never match because of the hash method. I need a way to use the hash method. i cannot seem to find the actually source for the salt or anything just snippets which dont make sense on how it works using something so simple. I have looked through the ipmember Registy php file and the snippets in there are not full source because with out it in there the site still generates a salt and md5 passwords so somewhere else is where the heart is I need to know where so i can use this../ Thanks
  5. BigMikey00 added a comment on a file: Tournaments   

    Fatal error : Call to a member function linkbar() on a non-object in /home/atomik85/public_html/Zone/applications_addon/other/tournaments/sources/classes/startup/class_tournaments.php on line 174

    i got this error when viewing the tournaments

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