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  1. Anica added a post in a topic: Questions about hosting   

    Thank you a lot for your fast answers, bfarber. That help me a lot :)
    <h3>  </h3>
  2. Anica added a post in a topic: Questions about hosting   

    Hi there,
    I bought a while before all for an self hosting package.... ip.board, gallery, content, nexus, blogs, downloads.
    So far all works fine whenever I never used nexus yet, but I don't have the .... hmm.. pleasure for the updates...
    I'm thinking about an hosting package for $20 or $30 /month sience some weeks, but I have some questions before thinking deeper about a change. I have read a lot of posts here today but found not all answers. If there an answer in a thread I have not fount, please let me know..
    my questions:
    if I take the $20 package because I don't really need nexus at moment, but one day... I can say I want the $30? It works without having reached the other limits then, too?
    With the hosted version all is installed "ready to go" without an upload from me?
    on the german site I read some time before with nexus I need... zend?. Does I need it in the hosted version, too or is this then included?
    with the $30 package.... get I ssl? I don't really know many about this, but I think with a shop I need this for secure (if I need one, then only with paypal)
    I habe somewhere else webspace and a domain. I can upload there and link things in, thats good. Videos I upload on YouTube are hosted there and I have no Webspace to use from here, that's good, too.
    I read about having a domain and buing a hosted version, but I don't really understand this... can me stupid human someone tell a bit of a other way (I'm not the best writer in english, sorry!!)
    It is only Webspace, not my own server so I think I can't do any changes in Admin A or something like that. That's ok!
    What I wan't to know because I want my "own" Domain:
    If I buy a package for hosting, have I to activate "free domain" , write in a name, search a domain (as example so it is more a subdomain, and after buying I have to write to the support that I want a - Domain?
    You register then one for me? Or is there another place where I can first purchase the Domain?
    On my self hosted version I have installed some AddOns....
    Can I download the language-file and upload it onto the hosted version without using all these AddOns or is this way bad for the installation? Uninstall before where the better way?
    I love the way of using the marketplace like here on invisionpower. I had a look into nexus because it is already installed. But I don't really understand the way to upload my files to show them as "free". Have I upload these things then to nexus and not into downloads or didn't I always saw a setting for this (want to make it right with the first upload next time then in the hosted version)?
    Did I pay every month via paypal to invisionpower or can invisionpower get the money as a permanent contract? Get I any notice about paying some days before ( I read that we can pay for a year) or after wich days is my community off?
    At last...
    What I do with the things I have already bought? Can I use the licence-number from there or I have then a new one?
  3. Anica added a post in a topic: Problem with date in gallery 5.0.1   

    I see it is fixed! Very fast, thanks a lot bfarber!!! :)
  4. Anica added a post in a topic: Problem with date in gallery 5.0.1   

    google translate is not the best for translation, but as I can read.... yes, this is what I want to say
    [quote name='bfarber' timestamp='1346350638' post='2303170']
    ....the timestamp it is parsing is the last comment date for the image (rather than the comment date for the current comment being displayed).

    Have I to do something on this link?
  5. Anica added a post in a topic: Problem with date in gallery 5.0.1   

    if the section "support" in the client area is right, then yes, I have opened a ticket.

    Thank you Lab Rats Rule and again thank's a lot AndyF. I thought I'm really to stupid... now I feel much better. :)
  6. Anica added a post in a topic: Problem with date in gallery 5.0.1   

    Yes, I see that it is right in your image for the comment-site or image-site itself. As you can see, this site is right for me, too:

    But on the index from gallery where you see the x new comments, there all comments of an image have the date from the last comment, as you can see here with your entries:

    And on your image you have posted some posts before, I see for your image with two comments the same time for both comments, as you can see here:

    Sorry for the use of your image, but I thought you understand better what I mean....

    I tested this with my 'normal' browser firefox and now with opera, but in opera it is exact the same.

    Thank you for the information about the ticket. :smile:
    Many thanks for your help here, AndyF!

    At moment I don't know.... it seems my english is really not the best... have to wait a bit if someone else have this or can see this.... I know nothing at moment....
  7. Anica added a comment on a gallery image: Ho! Ho! ho!   

    Christmas Tree 2011
  8. Anica added a post in a topic: Problem with date in gallery 5.0.1   

    For other images I got the right time, but if I post another comment to the same image, then all comments for this one image have the same time.

    On your DSC00033 you have the same time for two comments at one image, too AndyF. If you wait one or two minutes, then it is wrong, or?

    They need all infos - ftp, hoster and so on for a ticket, yes? (it's the first time...) Open it in the "client area" of the website here, yes?

    Thank you!


    posted a minute before in this gallery here and it is the same... all comments in the overview of this image get the date from the last comment....
  9. Anica added a post in a topic: Problem with date in gallery 5.0.1   

    Thank's a lot for the idea!

    I checked this, but it looks exact the same in skin "IP.BOARD"
  10. Anica added a post in a topic: Problem with date in gallery 5.0.1   


    I had installed a complete new board with all apps a few days before. Today I updated gallery to 5.0.1 from 5.0.0

    As you can see on the image, I have a little date-problem with the newest comments, because:

    If I write a new comment, in the overview (box) for the new comments on the index for the gallery, all comments for this image got the same new date...

    Someone know what I can do to change this??? This problem I had with 5.0.0 before, too.

    thank you!

  11. Anica added a post in a topic: Fatal error in hooks.php   


    after installing IP.Content today, I see all things for this app as admin, but on the public site I get this message:

    Fatal error : Call to a member function primary_navigation() on a non-object in /www/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/hooks.php on line 93

    After deactivate this message is still there. I had deinstalled this app and then the website works, after new install I got this message again.

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Seem's I'm the only one with this problem...

    many thanks!

    Best regards


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