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  1. vedatis added a post in a topic: bbcode not processed in RSS feed   

    Indeed, the group was set to administrators only. I'm not sure exactly how I missed that, but many thanks for pointing me to the right direction :smile:
  2. vedatis added a post in a topic: bbcode not processed in RSS feed   

    Thank you for your reply!

    If you mean "Where can the BBCode be used?", then it is set to "Available in all sections".
  3. vedatis added a post in a topic: bbcode not processed in RSS feed   

    Hello everyone,

    I have recently upgraded my board to IPB 3.4.5 and, ever since, my custom made bbcode tags are no longer processed in our RSS feed (which you can find here:

    You can find the xml import code for one of these tags here:

    I created an IPB demo from invisionpower, imported this particular tag, used it in a post, created an RSS feed, and everything works fine there. So, I was wondering if I did something obvious (but that I'm missing), that would cause the tag not to be processed.

    Many thanks in advance,

  4. vedatis added a post in a topic: bbc_img class for emoticons   

    Thank you alex for taking the time to post. We kept an eye on the thread for a few days, but after seeing that we were getting no replies, we kind of gave up on it.

    I have to admit that I expected better support from Invision, and I find it pretty appalling that they did not bother reply. I mean, we are paying customers and these are support forums...
  5. vedatis added a post in a topic: bbc_img class for emoticons   


    I currently have an issue on my board and this has been driving me crazy. The emoticon image tags have bbc_img as a css class and not the expected bbc_emoticon.

    I believe that the issue lies in the editor, but it is very difficult to debug, as most of the javascript files are not showing up in my browser's developer tools.

    I noticed something though. When posting emoticons by first clicking on the smiley icon in the editor toolbar and then choosing an emoticon, the emoticon appears in my editor window. If I switch off the rich text mode, I get an img BBCODE tag with the address of the emoticon in it. When I submit, this img BBCODE tag gets converted into an img HTML tag with bbc_img as css class.

    For example, if I choose the smile emoticon, I get :smile: in my editor window. If I switch off rich text mode, I will get the following code in the editor:


    Also, for a very short period after clicking the switch-off button, I can see the corresponding HTML code in the editor:

    <p><img src="{path_to_images}/public/style_emoticons/smile.png" /></p>

    If I type the smiley with the keyboard, i.e. : ), then it all works fine and my emoticon has the proper bbc_emoticon class. In this case, the HTML code that I manage to see in the editor is:

    <p><img alt=":)" class="bbc_emoticon" src="{path_to_images}/public/style_emoticons/smile.png" /></p>

    I have a second installation of IPB, which I use for testing purposes. It is basically a copy of my main board. In particular, I checked that public/js directories were exactly the same. I also checked a lot of other things, but I found it difficult to check that the settings were at the same value everywhere.

    In this second installation, it all works perfectly, regardless of how I insert the emoticons.

    Obviously, I must have done something wrong in my main installation, but I've spent almost the entire day looking into it and couldn't come up with an explanation. If someone could give me pointers as to where to look, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


    PS: I originally forgot to say it, but both boards are up to date (i.e. IPB 3.3.4)

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