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  1. Koper74 added a comment: "Restore 'Soft Deleted' Topics" doesn't work   

    [quote name='IPBSupport.de' timestamp='1324488373' post='134504']
    No, its not "hard-delete".Its a "soft-delete" - the topic is still there and not completly deleted.Members can (!) soft-delete own topics (and they are still there and the member can view the soft-deleted topic), but not restore the soft-deleted topics (no option in the dropdown).

  2. Koper74 added a record in IP.Board   

    "Restore 'Soft Deleted' Topics" doesn't work
    The ACP-option "Can restore 'Soft Deleted' topics" is activated for a member-group but none oft the members in this group is able to do so. The dropdown "Topic Moderation" only shows "Close this Topic" and "Delete this Topic" (although it's already (soft-)deleted).
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  3. Koper74 added a record in IP.Board   

    Private Issue
    Although the option "Allow posters to view other member's topics" is deactivated for a specific forum, members with mod-permissions in other forums (don't mean the mods of the specific forum) can read these other member's topics in "View New Content".
    Is it a bug or a feature?
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