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  1. gbarry added a comment on a file: Global Forum Message   

    We've been using this for awhile now in our forums, and it's worked great for us.  The additional group settings have been especially useful, and Adriano is good people to work with.  Cheers!
  2. gbarry added a comment on a file: Track Members   

    We've been employing this hook for quite awhile in our forums, and it's been reliable in all the right places.  Adriano, the developer behind this, is also flexible and great to work with.  The latest update to allow different messages for different groups has been particularly useful for us.  Nice job Adriano.
  3. gbarry added a comment on a file: Global Forum Message   

    Many thanks to Adriano for the update!  This vastly expands the hook's functionality for us, which we originally needed for localization purposes, but will definitely be using it as we expand the individual experiences our community's user groups.  Thank you again good sir!
  4. gbarry added a post in a topic: IP.Content v IPBWiki   

    [quote name='Dmacleo' timestamp='1344793522' post='2296213']
    isn't that only for VB?

    Was going to be my response exactly. Not looking for a VB solution. At any rate, we've made our choice and are striking out thataway.
  5. gbarry added a post in a topic: IP.Content v IPBWiki   

    Brief update on this. We're moving ahead with using IP.Content, purely. Thanks for the feedback thus far. We're running into a few minor issues, but it's looking like it will function well enough as a Wiki, and I'd expect there to be continuing functional improvements coming from IPB that will make things better over time.

    And I'm actually ok with a limited number of controlled editors at the outset. While not a real "Wiki", we're toying around with a promotion system, that after you've commented enough, you basically get to become active on the Wiki. Nothing insurmountable--say 25-50 posts to ensure you're not just swinging by for a quick argument or spam.
  6. gbarry added a post in a topic: Google Translate button/integration for IPBoard   

    Project Description:
    Evernote is looking for a better way to handle internationalization/localization of IPBoard topics. Rather than creating many forum areas for localized content, we want to leverage Google Translate to translate forum content on the fly, allowing users to seamlessly transition between localized content and their home language.

    Current browser integrations with Google Translate are ugly, translate too much extra content, are not situated in a logical place for the user, and hurt the overall user experience.

    The Translate option should be readily accessible from any thread. Our vision is for the translations to be accessible within each post/reply header to allow users to toggle a post into their home language. Users should be able to toggle between both original content and translated content with the Translate button.

    Additional requirements:
    [*]“Home” language will be set by the user in their options area.
    Skill Requirements:
    Extensive knowledge modding Invision Power Board or similar forum
    AJAX, Javascript, PHP

    Some basic mockups:
    Translate Post
    User Translation Options

    Let me know if you have questions!
    [*]Translations should include the topic name, body, quotes, etc—anything text-related and not handled by a language pack.

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