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  1. Ryan added a comment: Daily Digest email has untranslated string and bad profile photo   

    When editing settings in the admin area (Tools & Settings -> Edit any one of them) if you, while focused on a text box, hit the "Enter" key to submit the page instead of clicking "Update Settings" it will submit, but show two identical boxes of the same settings.

    (Probably could have described that better, but hit enter on the page and you'll see what I mean!)
  2. Ryan added a comment: [Pages Beta 3] Unable to remove a database from the home page   

    Added ticket 238202 ;)
  3. Ryan added a comment: Google Maps: Pages / Forum / Core   

    Need to add line/text wrapping to ticket bodies - when a URL or something exceeds the size of the screen everything design wise gets out of whack. Maybe have it as an option to disable wrapping on an individual ticket if need be, for example if you want to copy and paste some code, or something specific, though that may not really be necessary.
  4. Ryan added a comment: Twitter Sharing: Default Hashtags Not Added   

    Once you hit the login button on the customer end the links on the left side don't work anymore, it goes to a 404 - I believe that they're missing the ? before the &, for example - http://www.whatever.com/&this=that - needs to start with ?this=that.
  5. Ryan added a comment: Plugin \IPS\Output\Javascript::find error   

    When entering a password, on either the user or admin end for a hosting account, if it begins with the number 0 it ignores it. Using the ASCII chart code (0) will make it accept it, and throws it into the database happily.

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