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  1. Gareth F added a post in a topic: Mandrill is very cool!   


    I too have found the Mandrill integration a great addition to my site.
  2. Gareth F added a post in a topic: IPS 4.0 Design wishlist   

    I too like many of the features of discourse - especially a focus on posts, rather than categories.
  3. Gareth F added a record in IP.Board   

    site not recognising some user login details
    I have had a couple of members report to me that their logins simply ceased working, with the site returning the "username or password incorrect" error. I reset their passwords and didn't think much of it. This has only happened since upgrade to 3.4.1.
    Today however, I tried logging in to the IPS community and experienced the same issue. Had to go through "forgotten password" process to restore my access to the community. Wondering if this might be a bug. 
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  4. Gareth F added a comment on a file: Enhanced List View   

    Thanks for this hook Marcher - it is very useful on our forum where we have lots of events that make the calendar view too cluttered. 
  5. Gareth F added a post in a topic: Notification of new events   

    We are going the newsletter route (custom) which sends out a biweekly newsletter that includes upcoming and recently added events along with recent posts and other content. Another suggestion that helps with calendars is an invite system - for those events with RSVP - you can send an invite out to members who can then indicate attendance from their email. We have found this (on a previous forum) to be a highly effective way of getting people interested in the events we are running.
  6. Gareth F added a post in a topic: Calendar in mobile skin & mobile apps?   

    I second this. Our calendar is also a central feature and having it in the mobile skin would be fantastic.
  7. Gareth F added a comment: Bug in latest Calendar upgrade?   

    I am getting this problem with calendar version 3.2.2. I will submit a ticket, but thought I would also add to this discussion.
  8. Gareth F added a comment: New Content Bug   

    nice tutorial - thanks
  9. Gareth F added a post in a topic: iPhone app not available in Australian itunes store   

    Quick suggestion - please make the iphone app available in the Australian itunes store :D

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