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  1. Sam A added a post in a topic: When is it coming back?   

    I never even noticed it had gone.

    I wonder why they removed it?
  2. Sam A added a post in a topic: A Compliment   

    Thought I'd take a few minutes out to compliment IPS and the technical support staff for some excellent service I've received this past week.

    I've been a license holder for 5 years now and in that time it has been very rare that I've had to use support, I've either had no serious issues or any I have had I've been able to fix myself. However since upgrading to 3.0.x I've had two semi-serious problems, one with converting old PMs into the new personal conversation format and the other to do with my IP.Board skin mysteriously getting b0rked. Both problems were dealt with in a timely manner and one in particular was escalated to tier II in an agreeable timeframe.

    Overall, it's good to know that peace of mind is there if it's ever needed.

    Well done. :)
  3. Sam A added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus   

    I agree with Adam, this is a terrible business decision in my opinion and I'm sure many others would agree. It doesn't say much for IPS' as a software company that after 4 years of development they still can't release the actual product. Not that I was ever going to use Nexus, I'm glad more attention is to be given to IPB.

    Vaporware is a term that springs to mind.
  4. Sam A added a comment: RC7a IP.Pages EX2 Something went wrong when creating Database   

    Yeah, we get the point you don't like it.
  5. Sam A added a comment on a blog entry: Our next community project: Gallery Uploader Tool   

    Stewart has left IPS?
  6. Sam A added a comment: EX2 Something has gone wrong. Please try again.   

    What I'd like to see is an option to configure whether or not a group should appear on the moderating team page.
  7. Sam A added a comment: Can't right click/paste in editor   

    Nothing wrong with both checks, they should just be the other way around:

    CODE/* Check URL */

    if( ! $this->install->ipsclass->input['install_dir'] )
         $errors[] = 'You did not specify a URL';    

    /* Check Directory */
    if( ! ( is_dir( $this->install->ipsclass->input['install_dir'] ) ) )
          $errors[] = 'The specified directory does not exist';
  8. Sam A added a comment: [Beta 5a] Multiple "Mark Resolved"   

    To break the tables, as I have just done.

  9. Sam A added a comment: [Beta 7] [Calendar] wrong day   

    If you upgraded B1 to B2 did you clear your caches to make sure any Javascript changes aren't being emitted?
  10. Sam A added a comment: [Beta 7] Registration   

    You also get no error if you try to upload a file that would push you over your max attachment space setting.
  11. Sam A added a comment: Beta 7 - All Custom Theme Images gone after upgrading   


    But there is no seperate edit permission, this is where the problem lies.


    To answer your question, I have a knowledge base type forum on my site that no one has reply permissions for, but obviously as it is a KB information changes and needs to be updated/removed.

  12. Sam A added a comment: Beta 7 - All Custom Theme Images gone after upgrading   


    You're saying that if I don't give a user group permission to reply in one forum, they shouldn't be allowed to edit their posts globally? o_O

  13. Sam A added a comment: Theme's Download Without Templates Changes   

    You do know this is a bug tracker, right?
  14. Sam A added a comment: Emoji in topic title - fatal error   

    This is due to the txt_truncate() function in ipsclass, which is used to truncate the topic title to make it fit in the tables. I *think* (going off memory here) that there is a regex in the function to replace broken html entities but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Looking at the source a fix would be to change the regex to check for letters and numbers in entities, although there seems to be an issue with entities that don't have a # as well.

  15. Sam A added a comment: _list_format_   

    I'm pretty sure this has been dismissed several times due to the reasoning that you should only give ACP access to those that you trust.