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  1. Rimi added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Status Update Permissions   

  2. Rimi added a post in a topic: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    It's because global topics does an array merge with the topics list and the global topics array. This reorders the array indexs setting the first one to 0, and since you're using the array index instead of the topic id value within the array the first one is 0 and gives the Meta ID missing error. ~.~ I've tried fixing it on my end by doing array() + array () instead of array_merge and in my testing it works, but apparently not for everyone. :/ You can fix it by just using the topic id value in the array instead of the index.
  3. Rimi added a post in a topic: "Lock" mobile users to mobile design   

    I would just remove the link and keep the if statement so that you still have the hook point just in case.
  4. Rimi added a post in a topic: Can I pay with a Gift Card?   

    You probably won't get a response on the weekend and it's probably best to email sales@invisionpower.com anyway.
  5. Rimi added a post in a topic: call to a member function   

    Rebuild and then recache.
  6. Rimi added a post in a topic: This is driving me mad!   

    Because when I made a custom drop down I stored it in that variable. Variable contains an array of keys and values.
  7. Rimi added a post in a topic: In which case is a post totally deleted from DB?   

    When you delete a post you can find it in the deletd content section of the mod cp. If you go in the mod cp and click the permanently delete button from here, then it is permanently gone. Additionally anything in the mod cp in deleted content is automatically removed by a task that I believe runs once a day.
  8. Rimi added a post in a topic: This is driving me mad!   

    Try adding
    After the ksort.
  9. Rimi added a post in a topic: Hook template   

    No. You gotta do it manually. Which apparently you're saying you did, so maybe you just did it in the wrong spot.
  10. Rimi added a post in a topic: No comments on pages?   

    It's better to ask what's the difference between a database record and a page because an article really is just a database record made to be more obvious so people unfamiliar with IP.Content can take advantage of the database system.

    For ddatabase records you basically get to fill out multiple fields and then have those fields display in a certain way in a template. Think of the periodic table of elements. If I wanted to make a page for every single element then I could go in IP.Content and make pages for each one. Then if I wanted to make a layout change I'd have to change the page for every single element. Alternatively I could make an element which would allow me to just make the page once and then I could fill out forms that contain all the info for each element and the pages would be made automatically. If I wanted to change something in the display I only have to do it once.
  11. Rimi added a post in a topic: No comments on pages?   

    I'm pretty sure there's a hook in the marketplace for this.
  12. Rimi added a post in a topic: Per field option to not display when null   

    Chill out bro. IMO, IPS should've put it in the default template, but eh. It varies with site/database needs.
  13. Rimi added a post in a topic: Could we be able to see our most liked content on our profile?   

    Would have to be a custom hook. Sounds simple enough.
  14. Rimi added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 Support   

    FWIW I have seen them try multiple attempts at helping resolve any issues that come up before giving the "we can't help you because of your server config" line. They even suggest changes that can be made to the server config sometimes I believe.
  15. Rimi added a post in a topic: Paid Modification to Polls   

    It can be done as a custom mod and I can do it for you if you're interested. Drop me a PM if you'd like. :)

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