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  1. Brett L added a post in a topic: IPB vs Xenforo (one has been started in Xenforo)   

    The admin zone runs VB (therefore is irrelevant in a IPS vs Xenforo argument).

    Xenforo's site happened to have much older topics aswell as more topics on the subject.

    This search shows absolutely nothing.
  2. Brett L added a post in a topic: Is there an iOS App for IPB yet?   

    Personally I disagree. I commonly keep my webbrowser window a smaller then normal size. I find it VERY VERY annoying when I am on a responsive site and it starts to give me the tablet layout.

    I wasn't happy with how it turned out, I felt like It was going down the wrong path. As a developer I always feel there is a huge difference between giving your users just enough to be happy and actually making a good product. Happy user is just meeting minimal expectations. A good product exceeds them.
  3. Brett L added a post in a topic: Is there an iOS App for IPB yet?   

    There's a lot more to going native then you might think. It really becomes a project of reinventing the wheel as you are spending hours trying to render complex HTML in an environment that is not meant to render HTML.
    Many companies like facebook are able to recreate their experience well because the content is composed of short plain text blurbs in a controlled environment.
    Forums are the complete opposite. They are typically composed of long post. Many of which contain complex HTML layouts. In uncontrolled environments.

    If you look at almost every native forum application none of them are any good. (including the IPS one).
    Source: I wrote the IPS one.
  4. Brett L added a post in a topic: consistency in your code.   

    SHHHHH you're ruining my joke.

  5. Brett L added a post in a topic: consistency in your code.   

    If everyone used macs this wouldn't be a problem.
  6. Brett L added a post in a topic: Admin IPS Private   

    I don't believe so. If this is true, it is unintended and should be reported as a bug.
  7. Brett L added a post in a topic: Login from desktop application   

    If you make a request using a useragent matching the mobile applications you will get an XML response.

    That said there is no saying how long IPS will keep the XML skin.
  8. Brett L added a post in a topic: Ability to see your own post while it's in mod queue   

    I know there is a popup that says something along the lines of "your post has been submitted for moderator review". However, I want to ability to physically be able to see my own entire post, edit it, make changes, what-have-you.

    I tend to be the kind of person who types the post up, click reply then goes back and proofread.

    Not to mention the countless times where I post in a thread go back 5 minutes later and can't remember whether I ever actually clicked submit.

    Yes, I'm dumb. Please cater to my stupidity. :)
  9. Brett L added a post in a topic: Nokia 800 Lumina, cannot log in   

    Useragents do not influence the ability to login.
    Either this is an Internet explorer issue or your user doesn't know his username/password.
  10. Brett L added a post in a topic: Securiry: using auto update by GIT.   

    Well technically you would still have pull the code. It wouldn't be automatic.
  11. Brett L added a post in a topic: E-mail Routing   

    This is a great idea. I really hope mark looks into it.
  12. Brett L added a post in a topic: I Would Like to See Better Profiles   

    3.4 was made to be more of an admin-friendly release. We have not "gotten away from making the software better for members" it was just planned that 3.4 would be primarily for admins. Trust me front end usability enhancements are still very much on everyone's mind.
  13. Brett L added a post in a topic: I Would Like to See Better Profiles   

    What specific changes would you like to see to the member list While I do agree profiles have lots of room for improvement i'm a little bit curious as to what you would like to see the member list offer that it doesn't already offer. I agree it is rather cumbersome to just a list of thousands of users but how do you propose we improve that?
  14. Brett L added a post in a topic: tracker   

    You can edit post in the tracker.
    You need to click edit. Hitting the back button editing the post there then resubmitting the bug is just that; resubmitting the bug.
  15. Brett L added a post in a topic: How reasonable is CPU: 25% , MEM: 2G, Concurrent Connections: 20   

    What is your hardware configuration. "CPU: 25%" isn't exactly descriptive enough as 25% on a core 2 duo is WAY different then 25% on a server grade xeon.

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