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  1. sevenos added a comment on a file: Widget Kit   

    Damn, most of these addons should come as default. So very simple stuff, than Marcher would have time to develop even more awesome stuff :)
  2. sevenos added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Paid Server Move Service Not Answering   

    Hi, Yes it is probably a mail problem but I'm not receiving any response from the ticket system either. No new messages there either.
    You service team deleted my maintenance page but the migration didn't happen I need to know their process so I can change the page back to maintenance page If it will take long. It took long already. We can not show the bluehost page while this process because the moving is taking very long If they are moving right now. I don't know because I've been begging for an update.. tho not getting any. Please contact them for me?
  3. sevenos added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Paid Server Move Service Not Answering   

    Hi, I purchased a service move service few days ago. I was asked for my admin information. It was suppose to be on Monday or Tuesday but it didn't and this last 2 days I can't get answers from your service team. Everyone went so silence all of a sudden. Something was wrong and I couldn't send you mails anymore so I sent messages through your contact page. But still no answer, I need to know If anyone is reading them and my web site's situation. They knew it was urgent, I have my mobile and it is still impossible to reach your people.

    Please contact me at - your regular mail address rejects to take my mails.

  4. sevenos added a comment on a file: Xgame   

    I just bought it.. Very excited about this theme.

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