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  1. Dev Sinha added a post in a topic: License fee of IPB 4.0 for old 3.4 users   


    I wish to know if current active license 3.4.7 customers can upgrade to the upcoming 4.0 version free within the active licence/subscription/renewal or they will have to purchase altogether new license for 4.0 ?

    I heard in many forums and sites what IPB team is going to charge a new license fee for 4.0 even for old 3.4.7 active users. Is this true? Can you please explain this 4.0 license terms and charges in detail? I have a serious doubt in this regard.
  2. Dev Sinha added a post in a topic: Serious User Interface update   

    I agree IPB 3.4.5 which I recently shifted from my old SMF 2.0 forum is comparatively slow. Yes, SMF was not having these many features as that of IPB but it used to load amazingly faster like a basic html file. For now I am using maxCDN with my IPB install to faster some aspect but still not upto the expectation. Xenforo on the other end is faster than IPB.

    Note: I am discussing about the load time and not any features.
  3. Dev Sinha added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: SEO Improvements   

    That's awesome....
  4. Dev Sinha added a comment on a file: Contact Form   

    Installed! My fav. MOD. Thank you :)