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  1. Dev Sinha added a record in IP.Board   

    CDN service intergration
    The current CDN integration is not very complete. It isnt utilising all the image serving, file serving etc via CDN
    All it serving currently is :
    Logo image
    few homepage theme images.

    The avatar, files, attached thumbnails, and other files which actually is essential or heavy to load isnt been served via CDN.
    Any improvement over this?
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  2. Dev Sinha added a record in IP.Board   

    Copyright Info
    I feel that IPB should think over Copyright removal licence to be something more standard, uniform and service oriented.
    We already pay a huge amount for the forum software and its services. As a matter of courtesy, IPB should permit active licence owners with option to remove copyright.
    Or atleast make the link "nofollow" so to preserve the SEO factor for the site.

    "Not a Bug. But a report or feedback"
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  3. Dev Sinha added a post in a topic: Sign in through Google   

    403 Forbidden
    Access to this resource on the server is denied!
    This is the error message I am seeing.

    I have created the API as below:

  4. Dev Sinha added a post in a topic: Serious User Interface update   

    I agree IPB 3.4.5 which I recently shifted from my old SMF 2.0 forum is comparatively slow. Yes, SMF was not having these many features as that of IPB but it used to load amazingly faster like a basic html file. For now I am using maxCDN with my IPB install to faster some aspect but still not upto the expectation. Xenforo on the other end is faster than IPB.
    Note: I am discussing about the load time and not any features.
  5. Dev Sinha added a post in a topic: Help in converting from SMF forum   


    I am converting an SMF forum to IPB and I am stuck with a task where I am clueless on what to do.

    Attachment folder convert.

    I have 2 attachment folders and the converter asks for just one path.

    How to shift my second attachment folder?
  6. Dev Sinha added a post in a topic: Paid the renewal fees but still not activated.   

    I wonder why it is being reviewed for a payment made. If it was some kind of account change, email change, licence transfer I could understand that there can be some fraud or hack attempted actions.
  7. Dev Sinha added a post in a topic: Paid the renewal fees but still not activated.   

    Hello guys,
    I have renewed my subscription and it is saying that the payment is under review. How much time will it take basically for my services to start?
  8. Dev Sinha added a comment on a file: Contact Form   

    Installed! My fav. MOD. Thank you :)

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