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  1. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: IP Nexus not charging when upgrading.   

    I have just had a custom upgrade his hosting, and its just gave him a full upgrade for free but updated the renewal price to reflect the upgrade, problem is my base price is £0.00 + £3.79 renewal on top.
    but nexus has this option only:
    If set to yes, when a user upgrades to this package they will be charged the difference in the base price between the two packages. If no, users can upgrade without being charged and will just be billed under the new packages renewal terms.
    But this needs to be rectified if we want upgrading to be done correctly. Otherwise prices will always be massively out, and if they say got a yearly renewal they could get 11 months for free.
  2. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: IP.Nexus   

    Yes, they are automatic and it will use your site email address that you define, you can also define more email addresses to be notified aswell.
  3. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    You can change your domain twice a year, surely if you are changing it more than that, then something is not right. It rings alarm bells if it keeps changing, but if you havent changed it before its free for you, and then all you have to do is wait another 6months before you can change it again. Very simple and very good practise from IP, to be perfect honest. It extra security for them and gives them as a company piece of mind.
  4. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Need more integration with Reseller products or extra features.   

    As I have noticed, i think we need more integration with more API Reseller products.
    E.g. Godaddy allows API Reseller Products, such as Domains, i know we have Enom but not all of us will want the same suppliers, as some other suppliers are cheaper.
    We also need a function so we can sell say VPS or Dedicated Servers.
    As currently we have only really got access to sell shared hosting, It be good to have the access, so we can automate alot more of our services. e.g Heart internet VPS Reseller is API controlled.
    Also i know alot of people have been asking for API Control for Game Panels so they can sell game servers, quick and easily without having to set them up themselves.
    Or have a Easy API integration feature so we can easily integrate other API features.
    The more that is automated, the easier the system will become to maintain and also allow quick and flawless setups.
    Whats your views?
  5. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Fake a few members on new boards   

    Still one of the best methods to get a board looking active and too attract people in, also sharing these conversations on Social Media is a good way to bring attention to your "Fake" Talking and get people interested in join, if it attracts them enough. 
    Another way you can incise people in is using a paid way, by using PostLoop which basically pays people small amounts to come into your forum and make constructive posts and topics. It can be very good to get activity going but could cost you alot in the long run, if it takes along time to get "Real" members to join up.
  6. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Tell users when their PM box is near full. Is this possible?   

    Would it not be better to send a message to their email address not to the PM as your defeating the point and then just filling it up even more.
  7. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Missing images files after restored .sql file   

    How was the restore done? as you have mentioned via your Hosts CP, was this a backup file including directories and files? or just a SQL Dump?
  8. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Dedicated server? have some extremely excellent VPS servers and are all cloud failsafe. Very easy system to use and very helpful staff.
  9. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Quick Question   

    Are you saying you want individual permissions for each user depending on there needs and subscriptions?
    Or are you saying: You would like subscriptions to give permissions to certain areas regardless to whos in the group, if you sign up for it thats what you get?
    If its the latter, if you just make your main/default subscription, then tell the subscription to move them into a members group with forum permissions to the requested area, and allow upgrades to other subscriptions if they want to, then set it to move them to "Secondary Groups" which will then allow them to have access to other areas as they purchase them.
  10. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Replace Default Avatar   

    Have you got a link to your website we can visit and ill have a quick look if this is still not fixed. Thanks,
  11. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Suhosin Enabled? Minimum recommended? Php.ini?   

    Who is your host, as they may have not allowed user php.ini overrides. Seen this done before. Also can you attach your php.ini config to see if your maybe inputting it wrong and your php.ini can't read it correctly.
    Also is this your own server? Shared hosting, may have been mentioned but may have missed it.
    Also hello everyone im back now :smile:
  12. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Need assistance with an old application.   

    Im quiet happy to do sections of it for free if you like, but will be on a time basis, as i will have to fit it into gaps where i haven't got work on.
  13. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: IP.Nexus Next Release Features?   

    ipb408 - You do know you can set up custom advert locations in IP Nexus?.
  14. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Custom actions in IP.Nexus to create invoice on item purchase   

    First things first, are you naming that file facture.php, Cause if you dont it will not run at all.
    Have you tried Including the Nexus App directory, not sure if its needed.
    require_once IPSLib::getAppDir( 'nexus' ) . '/sources/hostingCore.php';   Put that above your include. 
    IGNORE message here of the ()
  15. BlackNovaDesigns added a post in a topic: Download: Texas Hold'em Poker   

    All problems fixed this side, sorry forgot to update, also nashslash, i just checked it and its downloading correctly and viewing here, might be worth trying a different browser.

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