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  1. MeGuru added a post in a topic: IP Content homepage url question   

    Yes you can, but if I'm not wrong I think you'll need to do some htaccess editing. It's simple stuff btw.
  2. MeGuru added a post in a topic: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    Love this hook, works great in my forum. 
    But I'm having some problems porting it to Ip.Content using this guide, does anyone know how transform the hook into a block?
  3. MeGuru added a post in a topic: Email queue   

    My hosting has a limit for the email that can be sent in an hour. This way most of them aren't sent at all.
    How about implementing the email queue from vbulltin or something similar?
  4. MeGuru added a post in a topic: Custom HTML in sections and topics   

    I need something to show a different html in different sections. I was thinking of putting the rules text in the topicviewtemplate to also show it on topics, but it looks like it's not working...
    What can I do? Is there an addon that permits me to do this?
  5. MeGuru added a post in a topic: Calling databases from forum app   

    A fiend of mine is trying to create a script for IPContent to call a list of all the topics in one single section of my forum, to display them with the ones with the most stars on top.
    The only problem is that IPContent, when I paste my raw PHP code to query the whole topic list, does not consider anything of what is wrote on it down.
    He didn't include the database connection in the script beause he supposed IPContent would do it himself, but he was probably wrong, what files should we include if this last thing was the cause of my problem?

    Here's the code, he's using.

    I know nothing about php and I translated this from italian, so there probably are terminology errors, besides from the grammatical ones.
    //connection to database //query to database $sql="SELECT title, topic_rating_total FROM topics ORDER BY topic_rating_total LIMIT 0 , 30"; //start table echo "<table border='1' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' style='border-collapse: collapse' bordercolor='#111111' width='60%'> <tr><td>Nome Server</td><td>Totale Voti</td></tr>"; //start topic list while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)) { echo "<tr><td>$row["title"],</td><td>$row["topic_rating_total"])</td></tr>"; } //end table echo "</table>";
  6. MeGuru added a post in a topic: List of sites / pages done using CCS   

    Finished yesterday, .
    IP.Content has lots of potential, it still needs some work, thought.

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