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  1. Matt Rutherford added a comment on a file: (SD) Company Directory   

    Hi there - are there going to be anymore updates to this app - still need to get a way to get cities and states updated for outside Poland...
    Feels like a waste of money so far...
  2. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Calendar Event API   

    I'd be interested in anything that allows me to bulk upload calendar events, I have excel sheets with multiple events I'd like to upload.
  3. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Question - do I need a plugin or something else?   

    HI all,

    I run a forum for people that go clay target shooting - we have a very simple list of shooting grounds, and we have done some magic with Member Maps to make a nice map.

    However - I want to build a really comprehensive directory, by name, or by location etc with fields for information, including photo's - is there a plugin that I could customise for this? I was thinking of collections, but I am not sure it does bulk import or can be customised enough.

    Is there another part of the IP suite that I should use for this?

    Thanks in advance...
  4. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Nexus Samples   

    @cheersngears has it right here - I'd be interested in seeing some non-Invision examples of Nexus in full flight.

    I'd be very surprised if the Invision team couldn't get Nexus working perfectly - but I'd like to see some case studies of it working else where - and not in an empty demo.

    I'm particularly keen to see an example where it powers an e-commerce site that guests can access, alongside an ip.Board that is for members only - thats the scenario I plan to use it for.

    Also interested to see if running the CP integration.
  5. Matt Rutherford added a comment on a blog entry: Custom Sidebar Block Ideas Needed   

    Anyway you could build an RSS feed into one of the blocks - that would mean one less hook required to get info from other sites.

    I specifically would like to run an RSS feed of the latest posts on the wordpress blog associated with my forum.
  6. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Migrating to ip.board - questions   


    I am considering buying IP.board to run my forum - however I have a couple of questions. I hope members of this forum can help me.

    Current situation - using simple:press - as part of an existing wordpress based website - about 300 users registered - average 10/15 online at any time. I want to move to IP.board for scale and improved features.

    My questions.

    1. Has anyone performed an upgrade from simple:press to IP.board - I can see simple:press listed in the converters - but I cannot see any threads referring to this on the forums. Would love to know if anyone has had any success with that.

    2. I want to move the forum into it's own domain - and AWAY from the wordpress site - I have set-up the domain, and if I purchase IP.board it will run on its own in that domain... is it still possible to do the migration?

    Thanks in advance...

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