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  1. Matt Rutherford added a comment on a file: (SD) Company Directory   

    Hi there - are there going to be anymore updates to this app - still need to get a way to get cities and states updated for outside Poland...
    Feels like a waste of money so far...
  2. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Calendar Event API   

    I'd be interested in anything that allows me to bulk upload calendar events, I have excel sheets with multiple events I'd like to upload.
  3. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Question - do I need a plugin or something else?   

    HI all,

    I run a forum for people that go clay target shooting - we have a very simple list of shooting grounds, and we have done some magic with Member Maps to make a nice map.

    However - I want to build a really comprehensive directory, by name, or by location etc with fields for information, including photo's - is there a plugin that I could customise for this? I was thinking of collections, but I am not sure it does bulk import or can be customised enough.

    Is there another part of the IP suite that I should use for this?

    Thanks in advance...
  4. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Nexus Samples   

    @cheersngears has it right here - I'd be interested in seeing some non-Invision examples of Nexus in full flight.

    I'd be very surprised if the Invision team couldn't get Nexus working perfectly - but I'd like to see some case studies of it working else where - and not in an empty demo.

    I'm particularly keen to see an example where it powers an e-commerce site that guests can access, alongside an ip.Board that is for members only - thats the scenario I plan to use it for.

    Also interested to see if running the CP integration.
  5. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Conversion from Simple:Press - successful, but one question   

    OK - I think I understand (n00b), let me have a little experiment and see what I break :)

    Thanks for your clear and patient explanation as I work through my last few bugs!
  6. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Conversion from Simple:Press - successful, but one question   

    Will that work for text?

    It looks to me like the old URL has been translated into text in the new forum - so the line I have put in italics, appears as-is, in IPB.
  7. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Conversion from Simple:Press - successful, but one question   

    I completed a successful conversion from simple:press 4.x forum running as a plug-in on my wordpress blog this weekend. Thanks for the help recieved in this forum when there was a small table prefix hiccup on the way - but everything migrated quickly and efficiently.

    So far - super impressed with IPB - powerful, fast and flexible.

    I have one remaining question regarding smilies.

    In the old forum - smilies were part of the wp-content folder in Wordpress - and so they have been converted like this:

    "temperature should go above 10 degrees which will be a small bonus! /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-smile.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-smile.gif"

    I tried recreating the folder structure, but realise these references are in he text, not in the html - so that failed.

    So - if there a way that I can 'find and replace' in SQL to change all of these to look a little cleaner?

    I should warn that I have no SQL experience, but I just figure that must be the way to do it, any other advice or suggestions gratefully recieved.

  8. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Conversion: DB Connection error   

    Thanks, that was the problem :)
  9. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Conversion: DB Connection error   

    Some more info from the logs:

    Error: 1146 - Table 'shooycou_frm1.sfmeta' doesn't exist IP Address: xx.xx.xx..xx - /admin/index.php?adsess=934fa1f62544f9ea424400563ee7f481&app=convert&app=convert&module=board&section=simplepress ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: SELECT * FROM sfmeta WHERE meta_type='smileys' .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. | File | Function | Line No. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------| | admin/applications_addon/ips/convert/sources/interface_acp.php | [admin_convert_board_simplepress].countRows | 54 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/applications_addon/ips/convert/sources/lib_master.php | [_interface].menu | 2220 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/applications_addon/ips/convert/modules_admin/board/simplepress.php | [lib_master].menu | 92 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/sources/base/ipsController.php | [admin_convert_board_simplepress].doExecute | 302 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------'
  10. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Conversion: DB Connection error   


    We are just in the process of converting our old Wordpress forum to IPB. The current forum is set to read only.

    We have gone through the first steps of the conversion but once the old DB details are entered and we click next we are getting an error as follows:

    ************* Driver Error

    There appears to be an error with the database.
    If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again.

    You can try to refresh the page by clicking

    We have tried refreshing but the same issue, any ideas?

  11. Matt Rutherford added a comment on a blog entry: Custom Sidebar Block Ideas Needed   

    Anyway you could build an RSS feed into one of the blocks - that would mean one less hook required to get info from other sites.

    I specifically would like to run an RSS feed of the latest posts on the wordpress blog associated with my forum.
  12. Matt Rutherford added a post in a topic: Migrating to ip.board - questions   


    I am considering buying IP.board to run my forum - however I have a couple of questions. I hope members of this forum can help me.

    Current situation - using simple:press - as part of an existing wordpress based website - about 300 users registered - average 10/15 online at any time. I want to move to IP.board for scale and improved features.

    My questions.

    1. Has anyone performed an upgrade from simple:press to IP.board - I can see simple:press listed in the converters - but I cannot see any threads referring to this on the forums. Would love to know if anyone has had any success with that.

    2. I want to move the forum into it's own domain - and AWAY from the wordpress site - I have set-up the domain, and if I purchase IP.board it will run on its own in that domain... is it still possible to do the migration?

    Thanks in advance...

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