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  1. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: For how long is IP Nexus going to be encoded?   

    I would like to be able to change the client area. I need to pull information from the custom fields. Example customer FTP information, when they enter it, I want to pull it into my costumed script.
  2. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: For how long is IP Nexus going to be encoded?   

    I'm really frustrated by the encoding of IP nexus.

    Such powerful piece of software is being held down by it is own protection. I made a thread like this in the past and IPS staff explained why they are doing it.

    I'm here to urge you guys to reconsider opening up IP nexus. We, your customers, have awesome ideas for IP nexus yet we can't actually translate those ideas into reality with the current limitation. IP Board is popular because it got solid community backing it up, please allow us to back IP nexus with needed features.

  3. ee_joseph added a comment on a file: twitter login panel   

    Very nice!
  4. ee_joseph added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Edit existing customer hosting settings
    When you wish to edit customer access to the server such as disk space or bandwisth, IPB fails to show the correct amount of bandwidth when you edit it.

    Assume, Customer A has access to 100g bandwidth per month. When you go edit their package system will ask you to reenter their bandwidth. I enter the same size I gave them before (100g). What happens after that is when you view their hosting package you will find that it is 200g. This is only a display issue, nothing actually changing in WHM for their account so long I'm still entering the same amount I gave them in the first place.

    If I do it again and want to fix the display by editing their bandwidth allowance with 100g, it will become 300g and so on.
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  5. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: Recurring Payments   

    You can set a renewal payment every day/month/year. Set base price to zero and add a renewal with price per day/month/year. I hope that's what you were asking for.
  6. ee_joseph added a comment: eNom does not work in any shape or form   

    Resolved .

    Thanks, I can confirm it works now.
  7. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: Request for improved US tax classes   

    Would be great if International countries would have some support to the same thing. Australia, UK, etc..
  8. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: Nexus buyers auto-register as forum member?   

    When someone want to buy something from nexus, they will fist asked to create an account/log in. After that they enter their personal data in nexus (name, address, etc..). Here is the beauty Nexus allows you to set buyers to be upgraded into a new group when they buy a product and also if it is a subscription it down grade them.

    What I did is as follow:

    In my forums I renamed members to be Visitors, then adjusted their permissions and only allowed them to post in pre sale forum or test forums while the rest is blocked for them. When they buy my products they are automatically upgraded to a customer rank and gain full access to the forums. If they cancel their subscription or don't renew they get downgraded to ex-customer group which blocks them from most of the forums.

    In regards to your question i think I gave you a full answer :).

    The best thing about IPB is the adminCP, almost perfect control over your site.
  9. ee_joseph added a comment: eNom does not work in any shape or form   

    My apologies, I will report back soon enough after I finish my testing on Monday.
  10. ee_joseph added a comment: eNom does not work in any shape or form   

    [quote name='Ryan Ashbrook' timestamp='1345769631']
    I can confirm this. There is a stray return true; in the check method for eNom integration.

    The pain I went throw to prove it....I hope I never lose as much money and time as I did on this one again.
  11. ee_joseph added a record in IP.Nexus   

    eNom does not work in any shape or form
    Hello, after several days of trying everything possible and like 10-15 support ticket I'm now sure eNom integration is completely broken.

    The integration does not communicate with eNom at all. I tried it with a full reseller eNom account and a retail account. I have also tried to use IP.Nexus 53 Zend and ioncube.

    Then I went ahead and got myself another server with another provider just to confirm.

    Please fix I bought an entire suit for the sole reason of it supporting eNom.

    In short:

    eNom integration is completely 100000% broken.
    IP.Nexus does not check if the domain is avalivble or not using eNom API. You could type, and then go pay with out one error message what so ever.
    IP.Nexus does not buy new AVAILABLE domains from eNom. Instead it will assume it already it did buy it after customer pay.
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  12. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: Some Gallery 5 Feedback   

    Before I install does either IP gallery 5 or the new blog need skin changes for custom made skins?
  13. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: eNom full API integration and an alternative to eNom   

    eNom is present in IP.Nexus to buy domains but missing a good chunk of eNom APIs.

    Please, add the ability to sell all eNom products such as SSL, ID protection and so on.

    This is what really missing in IP.Nexus great integration of host selling.

    I also would love to see other vendors supported such as godady.

    Thanks :smile:
  14. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: Why is Nexus encrypted?   

    Looks like lots of the trouble customers having with it is due to the fact they need it to do something but they can't cause it is encoded.

    So why is it encoded? Wouldn't be better for everyone to be able to create mods for it? would not the product be much better with the community support?
  15. ee_joseph added a post in a topic: Does IP.Nexus support customization?   

    great thanks

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