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  1. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: License fee of IPB 4.0 for old 3.4 users   

    Haven't seen this one asked yet, which doesn't mean I didn't miss it somewhere. (Oh, the pain and misery of getting old.)
    One these lifetime/perpetual licenses, now that most people are making up their minds what they're going to do, what about the installation part of it?
    I've about been talked into doing away with my lifetime licenses, but I'm not sure I can do the whole wipe and reload thingy. I'd really really really like to keep my basic board setup in the new version, if possible, but I guess i can say goodbye to it if that's what it takes. Is the move to 4.0 a complete wipe and load, as in does it use a different SQL configuration or does the old version pull into 4.0 pretty easy? If I tried it on my own, after moving my licenses to the new type (non-Lifetime), and I end up needing help with my database or my config/install, how much would a IPS tech install run me under the new licenses structure? BTW, my lifetime licenses are now at 3.4.6
  2. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: Force members to login before showing the board   

    Rob and agentfluff, I recently contacted Sales for information on cloud community and asked about how the metrics on visitors, bots and spammer drive-by affect the pricing. I was discouraged by what I was told. The reply to me was that any pulling of content, even by unregistered visitors, hikes up the count that affects the pricing. My next question would have been whether, if only forum staff and registered members can access the forum, do page views on the stop page (for visitors) count on the pricing.
    It seems, at least to me, that the price of cloud community can get pricey if based on drive-by, bots and spammers. I know there are services and robot texts and such to HELP address these no-productive visitors, but IME it is a partial solution. For one of my forums, with maybe between twenty real visitors on a slow day and fifty a day on a good day (with total visits over a hundred per day), the price benefit just isn't there. I lease a server for $1,093 a year, with cPanel for $450. I have three of those pesky lifetime/perpetual licenses. I was looking at the cloud solution to help with the patching/upgrade issues. I'm still open to the idea, but if stopping visitors at the registration page doesn't help lower the count that affects the pricing, then it simply won't work for me.