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  1. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: Force members to login before showing the board   

    Rob and agentfluff, I recently contacted Sales for information on cloud community and asked about how the metrics on visitors, bots and spammer drive-by affect the pricing. I was discouraged by what I was told. The reply to me was that any pulling of content, even by unregistered visitors, hikes up the count that affects the pricing. My next question would have been whether, if only forum staff and registered members can access the forum, do page views on the stop page (for visitors) count on the pricing.
    It seems, at least to me, that the price of cloud community can get pricey if based on drive-by, bots and spammers. I know there are services and robot texts and such to HELP address these no-productive visitors, but IME it is a partial solution. For one of my forums, with maybe between twenty real visitors on a slow day and fifty a day on a good day (with total visits over a hundred per day), the price benefit just isn't there. I lease a server for $1,093 a year, with cPanel for $450. I have three of those pesky lifetime/perpetual licenses. I was looking at the cloud solution to help with the patching/upgrade issues. I'm still open to the idea, but if stopping visitors at the registration page doesn't help lower the count that affects the pricing, then it simply won't work for me.
  2. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: URL on license   

    Voila. That time I received a popup about receiving an email message, the message arrived as expected, confirmed the reset, loaded and verified the key and the domain was reset.
    Don't know what you did but it worked.
    Many many thanks. I try to keep all my pertinents and such current and up to date.
    I apologize for any miscommunication on my part. Being over 60+ and a severe case of Asperger syndrome can mangle the simplest of things sometimes.
  3. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: URL on license   

    That was what I was asking the support tech, but really didn't get an answer about how it is billed, how it is paid, what IPS dept to contact. I'm trying to include as much accurate info as I can and be as direct as I can. It comes with being an Aspie. Somewhere I guess I'm just not asking the questions right or I'm leaving out some information. Kind of reminds me dealing with the DOD IT Enterprise help desk. No matter how much information I put into a ticket, it seems to take forever to get to the solution.
  4. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: copy and paste issues   

    I don't know if this is part of any C&P problems or not, but on my once day job for the military, we had the same thing happen in a GUI terminal software and we had to do something with a scripting (security) setting in our browsers to allow C&P using the system clipboard.
  5. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: URL on license   

    Actually, I've done all that (used the reset URL thingy and all  that) and it didn't work. That's why I asked about the $15 fee that was mentioned. I bought the license in 2005 and IPB has changed its licensing restrictions so many times over the years that it gets hard to follow along.
  6. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: My daily fight with one spammer. Looking for ideas!   

    My sites don't get a huge number of new members per day, but for one week every couple of months, it seems I have to manually verify all new registrations. For that time period, I require all new registrations to reply to a personal email message from me, with answers that couldn't be produced by a bot. If necessary, I make the person spend the time to join the group. Most spammers won't do that.
    I also use auto promote and require three messages of minimum length for promotions.
    I'm also obsessive about IP management.
  7. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: URL on license   

    Submitted a ticket to find out why I can't change the URL on one of my three IPB licenses.
    Please let me know where I went wrong on this. Any suggestions?
    ticket info ; I have uninstalled the IPB installation at <old domain> and relaunched the site as <new domain>, but the license information in the purchases section of the client area on my account still shows the old domain name. I went into the admin CP in the new installation and removed the license key and reinstalled the key, then activated it, but the domain name in the purchases section still shows the old name.
    I've updated the management details for the license.

    Answer from tech support ; Hello,
    You must first submit a request to Reset your License URL.
    Please see the instructions on how to do this here ( ).
    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    My reply ; No offense, but the link has no info on submitting a request or where to submit it.
    Don't all requests for IPS company action go through the ticket system?
    If this change of URL involves a charge, how does one pay the fee if not through the ticket system? Does sales generate an invoice for the fee? If they do, do I need to contact them for an invoice? I wasn't aware I had changed the URL in the last six months, but I might have. Still, the fee is irrelevant. I just need the correct info on how to get the change made.
    As I said, all software was removed from the old site. In fact, the folder tree was deleted along with the MySQL database. I removed the license key in the new installation and reloaded it, but no change in URL.
    Maybe I'm not reading the link right or something. Maybe I'm not being clear in my ticket info.
  8. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: looking for a server manager   

    I sincerely appreciate the wishes. I started with IPB back in '03 in my mid 50s. A lot of times when we start something, we don't think about what we're going to do ten or twenty years down the road. Even when we are committed to something, we find ourselves limited by things beyond our control. In my case, cancer was one of those things. Essentially, when it comes to the small amount that I do with the server, and the even smaller things I would still like to do, the mind is willing but the flesh is the problem.
    I'm not planning on leaving this life any time soon, but I have already made provisions in my will to provide a legacy for the work that I do, with details on finding and employing someone to tend the account and the machine as long as possible.
  9. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: looking for a server manager   

    Getting old is a real pain sometimes. I have been leasing a server for the last few years and now, due to age and health issues, I have been restricted and limited in my activities. Operations and medical issues have put severe limitations on free time and mobility. The problem and situation means that I am looking for a competetent and honest server manager, preferrably one who has experience with CentOS and cPanel/whm, who is willing to trade free use of the server (the usual do's and don'ts) and half the space, for managing the machine and fixing a few technical problems along the way.
    Some files on the system were hacked last summer so the server was wiped, reloaded, updated and locked down. I have the only accounts on the machine at present. I would like to keep my own personal accounts up and running.
    I will renew all services and software licenses each year on the system, there will be no costs to the manager of any kind. The server is housed in a major US data center and has only had one outtage that I am aware of.
    I apologize if this message is deemed inappropriate by IPS. I had seen where other customers have been recommended here to find server help. If this message needs to be moved or deleted, please accept my sincerest apologies.
  10. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: IPS says they can't help-trying to get past deactivated Nexus   

    Solved the problem, maybe just temporarily, but am accesing SQL tools in the adm CP now.
    Thought about the whole thing and decided to do something I am a mite bit more familiar with; I recompiled Apache to upgrade to newer PHP version and installed IonCube in the new profile. Backed the entire server up before I started, let it run and voila, I'm least for now. I'm going to have to sit down and read up on the management side of running a Linux server vs. the Windoze machines I admin at work. Last time I ran *nix was a lightweight LAMPP version some years ago. Started my MS work on NT4.0 and fell into this gig with Server 2003, 2008 and dedicated MSSQL. I usually spend half my day with my head down inside spreadsheets and access dBs, the other half buried inside a server rack or pulling fiber or cable to a room somewhere.
    I guess this one is closed. I do appreciate the advice. I see not everyone thanks people who respond to these topics, but an old guy like me sees hope when people actually take the time to try and help others out. It kind of softens the troll static most assist sites have.
  11. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: Can't log in after upgrade   

    Hope I don't get into a big glue mess with mgt for saying this, but I have had to change my password in the SQL table after a forum compromise. It can be done if one has access to the database but not the CP or the admin account.
  12. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: IPS says they can't help-trying to get past deactivated Nexus   

    One last bit, this isn't a matter of money. Reactivating Nexus and any other costs are incidental to my dislike for issues like this. My day job requires me to manage a Windoze 2003 server, a Windoze 2008 server and a dedicated MS SQL server for the USDoD. The foul-ups forced on us (sys admins) by Cyber are historically horrible and are routinely catastrophic, which leaves us on our own to correct and make whole again. I can't do much about that on the job, but on my own server, I can reduce the dependency on as many outside thrird party apps as possible.
  13. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: IPS says they can't help-trying to get past deactivated Nexus   

    Yes, this is a self-managed server (5 years) that, until last month, was mostly handled by the former partner (his decision, not mine). Now that he is out and gone, I'm trying to clean up a lot of mess, both malicious and incompetent.
  14. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: IPS says they can't help-trying to get past deactivated Nexus   

    Do I have to do that? Maybe it's my Asperger’s, but once something like IonCube and Nexus (which wasn't an absolutely necessary part of my initial business plans, I just paid for it in a blanket decision) is used against me, or causes this level of P&S, it's off my list. Maybe at some later point, if it turns out it would benefit my community, but to start with, I really don't want it.
    My specialty in IT problem solving is more on the hardware side and not software and coding, but if I have to, I'll muddle through this as long and as far as I can. I still believe it's possible to remove any IonCube and Nexus triggers from my install. It might take some work and a lot of time, but seeing that I invested fourteen months into prep for this rollout, what's a few more months? Sorry if removing a high retail value addition to the IPS suite is contrary to company philosophy.
  15. scorpion5005 added a post in a topic: IPS says they can't help-trying to get past deactivated Nexus   

    A disgruntled former business partner nuked our OS on a dedicated server, taking out the IonCube Loader (which I wasn't aware was required for Nexus, maybe I missed it in the docs and requirements) and, as a result, I lost a forum site that I had invested fourteen months of hard work into. Trying to get my IPB installation back to some point where I can access the admin CP, I tried to reload the IonCube but it didn't help get the forum back online, so I deactivated Nexus in my suite package at the next renewal. No sense paying for something I'm not using. Same with the 250 chat and everything else but a basic IPB install.
    I can get to the folders and files on the server and edit them, but the software keeps trying to load Nexus. I can get to the SQL database and edit that, but I'm not that comfortable with doing anything there until I take care of any config files or ini's or other that might help solve the problem.
    I submitted a support ticket to IPS to see if anyone could tell me where I could edit a file or files to remove any references or calls to the IonCube and Nexus, something that would give me control of the installtion again. I was told I had to reactivate (pay for) Nexus again, then install IonCube and maybe then I could get the forum running to a point where I could recover things. Aside from that, and suggesting I use a dB back up (which all backups were made with Nexus installed, so no good there)  IPS says they can't help and I'm on my own.
    Back in the early days of IPB, everything was handled in a few config files and something like this would have been easy to correct, without having to reactivate third party software and pay additional fees. Edit an ini or change a coupleo of lines in a php file and we were back in business. Now the software is spread out and, unless a user has dedicated time to follow the changes and code, it's almost impossible to know what is controlled where.
    At this point, I'm making some backups of the mangled installtion as it sits now, then I'll start trying to remove anything that looks like it references Nexus. I'll try editing the dBase and take it out there. I'll use trial and error as long as I can until I either get it started again or admit it can't be saved. Unless someone else has some serious suggestions. I really really really don't want to lose fourteen months worth of work.