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  1. 2ifx added a post in a topic: Why are my images disappearing?   

    I think this thread is a bit insulting to people's intelligence :)
    and doesnt answer any questions, like "WHY ARE MY IMAGES DISAPPEARING?" Maybe i should ask, why does a rebuild make all your perfectly fine images disapear. If there is no original image to rebuild from, DONT DELETE a working image....
    A couple of months ago, I was upgrading our gallery to the latest version.
    1.) In the instructions it says you need to rebuild your images
     -- did that, 25% of my images "disappeared" or were simply deleted. So the images were still listed on the users, but they were blank. Also images in all the forum posts just disappeared....
    2.) Seems the original images do disappear somehow. Since you need to the original images to rebuild gallery images, if IPBoard deletes the originals somehow, from cache or upload folder where it stores them, and you rebuild, your perfectly fine working gallery will break.
    3.) I pay for support from Invision, but I've got to say the support is not very supporting, havent really resolved any of my issues... they basically told me the obvious, and left me to figure it out. which i have managed to figure out myself in most cases, just dont understand why i need to pay for such support. a bit disapointed about that. I was very enthousiastic at first.
    4.) I have figured it out, dont upgrade the gallery, restore to the old version if you have made the mistake of trying to rebuild original images that the system seems to delete.
    We have 100,000's of pictures giga giga giga bytes, we want to upgrade, but we dont feel like risking our currently working gallery with the consequence of have 25% to 30% of the images missing after a rebuild.
    Luckily we r-sync our server every night, and i can restore from backups, otherwise our gallery would have been completely broken.
    Anyone capable of upgrading our gallery properly for compensation please send me a message.
    So as you can see from what I write, I think this thread is a bit misleading, I was hoping you would come with a solution on how i can rebuild my images without half of them disapearing, instead I see that guests have certain permissions to delete images. Non of this makes sense to me, its just confusing!
    love ipb but the glitches can be very annoying such as this complex image gallery system that can't do a simple SCROLL of a group of IMAGES in a lightbox.
  2. 2ifx added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Chat while you browse forum (1 window, not 2)   

    There's a new chat just released and I paid for the development to have it integrated into IPB. If you want the info send me a PM.

    trust me its the best chat around and works like a charm.
  3. 2ifx added a post in a topic: Custom skin uploading fm 3.3.1 to 3.3.4   

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1344542190' post='2295476']
    Disable minify!!! That's not a skin issue it's a host / server / permisisons issue

    ACP > System Settings > General Settings

    Going from 3.3.1 to 3.3.4 does have a few skin changes, but nothing major.. Your 3.3.1 skin should still mostly work on a 3.3.4 board...

    To upgrade your skin... Just run a template merge report on your skin and it will tell you all the changes you need to make to have it 3.3.4 compatible. I would recommend either making the changes manaully, or creating a backup of your skin before you let it fix your templates automatically... I've heard of issues letting the merge center update your templates automatically...

    Thanks AIWA for pointing out the template merge report!!!

    much appreciated, did not know they had such a great reporting tool for this, this is gonna save me lots of headaches!
  4. 2ifx added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery 5 inspiration   

    love it, for however this doesnt work, doesnt like pictures ;-) lol

    I would walk a mile barefoot on hot coals to get this gallery in ipb lol.

    Current gallery is making me depressed.
  5. 2ifx added a post in a topic: Browsing Album Pictures in Full Screen   

    Not sure if I missed this, but I really hope there will be an option to

    click on the image and browse them ALL in Full Screen.
  6. 2ifx added a comment on a file: View IP Address Permissions   

    great simple hook, just what i needed, thanks!

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