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  1. Michael Boutros added a comment: Language Error: Resized to, not Resized by   

    Excellent, thank you very much!
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    Language Error: Resized to, not Resized by

    This is admittedly a small issue but should also be an easy fix, unless I've got my head on wrong and you guys are right. If you go to the following topic you'll see that the image has been resized quite bit from 2600 x 1127. The text there says that it was resized [i]by[/i] 20%, which means that it was resized to 2600 - (2600 * 0.2) x 1127 - (1127 * 0.2), or 2080 x 902. However, that is cleary not the case, and I think it should read it has been resized [i]to[/i] 20%, which would be (2600 * 0.2) x (1127 * 0.2), or 520 x 225, which is what it looks like.

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    But when you are logged in there is no link to this page.