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  1. marway added a comment: [Beta 3 - ips_c0702] Upgrade Error - Location: Step 1 - Unknown column 'sys_module_admin'   

    i have the same problem:
    Unknown column 'sys_module_admin' in 'where clause' 
    /furanet/sites/ - query #4
    UPDATE `core_modules` core_modules SET `sys_module_area`=? WHERE sys_module_admin=1
    from 3.4.7 to 4RC7a
  2. marway added a file in Language Packs   

    (LSP) Language Spanish Pack for v3.4 v1.2.0
    Full Language Spanish Pack for IP.Board, IP.Members, IP.Downlaods and IP.Chat. Soon for IP.Nexus

    Public: 95%
    Admin: 10%
  3. marway added a comment on a file: Public Topic Multi-Moderation   

    In General Settings a option for --ALL FORUMS-- please!

    Thank you!

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