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  1. Digi added a post in a topic: New Feature Suggestions for IPB 3.0   

    urg, saw you posted a new topic...
  2. Digi added a post in a topic: New Feature Suggestions for IPB 3.0   

    see below...
  3. Digi added a post in a topic: New Feature Suggestions for IPB 3.0   

    You can disable the in the ACP as long as you are not using the email (converge) login method :huh:
  4. Digi added a post in a topic: New Feature Suggestions for IPB 3.0   

    ipb never had a bump topic system.
  5. Digi added a comment on a blog entry: Resource Improvements for 2.3   

    I'm a little concerned about the template sharing and possible issues related to it, but I suppose I'll have those concerns answered when the release is available. Everything else looks promising. Can't wait to see the rest of the feature list :D
  6. Digi added a comment on a blog entry: Bug Tracker Update   

    Good luck guys! :)
  7. Digi added a comment: Phantom Processes   

    Glad this one got fixed. It bugs the hell out of me. Still present in 2.1.7 so I assume it's shelved to 2.2?
  8. Digi added a comment: "images" and "deleted_member" language string   

    Alrighty :)

    Like I said, probably just a little opps, not like it was breaking anything serious :P
  9. Digi added a comment: "images" and "deleted_member" language string   

    I jsut got around to playing with the MI again today and was installing it on 2.1.7. I ran across a few changes to the import_xml function. The most concerning is the following code found on line 474 of /sources/lib/admin_functions.php

    CODE             @unlink( $_FILES[ $postfield ]['tmp_name'] );

    I assume this is a partial implimentation of this and why I am posting here. However $postfield isn't set or used anywhere else in this function >_< So for now....unlink isn't going to do anything :P

    Just though I would point this out. :)
  10. Digi added a comment: IPS License Key   

    Sorry to have this reopened Brandon, but I disagree (for situations just like this ) that wild cards should not be used for banned names. Also, for some reason wildcards we left in. If you put ma*tt (as suggested in the bug report above) you could match anything just about. "maps to the burger patty" would match ma*tt for example. What does that have to do with ma*tt?

    Perhaps another method of defining wildcards needs to be used (ie [*]), but wildcards should not be disabled. Personally I believe that * should be removed from user names all together. It's quite annoying.
  11. Digi added a comment: [5a] Switching theme locks site w/error   

    Don't you think that capitalizing the first word in a no-caps topic is a little outside of the boundry of the ACP option? I mean I set it to stop shouting, not stop...whispering? Might be a big pain in the butt to check before running:

    CODE             $title = ucwords(strtolower($title));

    Not sure how one could even do that w/o changing the topic title to ascii code first and checking against that >_>
  12. Digi added a comment: "images" and "deleted_member" language string   

    sweet! :D
  13. Digi added a comment: [Beta 3a] Posts widget date problem   

    Good question to ask would be if those having errors are using IMAP or POP functions.
  14. Digi added a comment: Front Page doubling number of posts   

    Personally, if you do not want the ROOT admin to be editable, don't give another the same group access. The only reason for ROOT is to be just that....ROOT, source of all things, the main man, etc. Putting the person in a seperate admin group doesn't make them less the man, it just makes them not able to screw things up :)

    Would you give me root access to your forums server if I was your friend? If you would you seriously need to rethink your security process. I would give you admin access, but under another name, profile, and permission set.

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