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  1. Jred added a post in a topic: Questions about Forum IP.Board   

    Here's a few answers.
    2. That's because it's really big task to translate language packs and it's done by community, feel free to translate remaining bits.
    3. What exactly you want to know about permissions? Super moderators have permissions to moderate everything as Admins do in the frontend, there's no need to add them in forums like regular moderators needs to.
  2. Jred added a post in a topic: Need input of my server performance.   

    [quote name='Grumpy' timestamp='1345275592' post='2298194']
    Is this ok performance?
    Can't say. :tongue: All forms of benchmark only have a meaning if the same benchmark is used elsewhere to compare. And I frankly never ran that test before and don't want to on a live site...

    Although things like ram and HD are of fairly predictable performance (feel like someone else is gonna scream), CPU isn't with the given information. A dual core of today's architecture at 2.9ghz will out perform an earliest dual core with 2.9ghz possibly as much as 10x in something complex like php. If it was an endless calculation of +1s... they'd do about the same. So, you actually need to say the name of the cpu, not just core count and speed.

    Yes, that's hard to tell and without all data even more so :)

    so processor is: Intel Pentium G850

    I would heavily heavily heavily discourage this. This is no different than doing nginx in front of nginx or varnish in front of varnish. It's a waste of processes, internal tcp connections, ram and source of many potential problems. Nginx has pretty much all the features varnish has and vice versa, just not with default settings. There is zero reason to use both at the same time.

    I have thought about that too, and only reason why varnigh is front is that it support purge from url out of the box (well with proper config). But yes you're absolutely right about being able to do all that with nginx too (using headers for example), I actually have tried that already. Good with nginx is that you can do that per site config. Probably wiser to do it only with nginx. Thanks for your input.
  3. Jred added a post in a topic: Need input of my server performance.   

    I should this weekend move site into new dedi, so I would appreciate guidance here.

    I have been fine-tuning a lot, and lot more past few weeks and I'm bit lost on what should I expect performance to be. Now it's flying when compared to old server, but can't help wondering that is this all, or could it be more faster.

    Dual-Core Intel 2,9Ghz
    8 gig ram
    2 x 250GB disks (sata2, but not sure), www-root is in second drive.

    Debian 6
    Nginx 1.2.3
    php 5.3.15
    Apc 3.1.9
    MySql 5.5.27

    I have Varnish in front of the Nginx, but it's not configured properly yet, look into it later on, probably after server change.

    Now running ab -n 1000 -c 8 http:/localhost/index.php I get following results:

    Concurrency Level: 8
    Time taken for tests: 69.325 seconds
    Complete requests: 1000
    Failed requests: 497
    (Connect: 0, Receive: 0, Length: 497, Exceptions: 0)
    Write errors: 0
    Total transferred: 134025497 bytes
    HTML transferred: 133710497 bytes
    Requests per second: 14.42 [#/sec] (mean)
    Time per request: 554.600 [ms] (mean)
    Time per request: 69.325 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests)
    Transfer rate: 1887.98 [Kbytes/sec] received

    Connection Times (ms)
    min mean[+/-sd] median max
    Connect: 0 0 0.0 0 0
    Processing: 332 553 106.0 540 1499
    Waiting: 317 530 105.4 516 1490
    Total: 332 553 106.0 540 1499

    Is this ok performance?
  4. Jred added a file in Language Packs   

    Finnish Language Pack for IP.board 3.3.3/3.3.4 vv1.1
    Finnish translation for Ip.board 3.3.3, public side only (+ very few admin bits).
    There are 3 files in a zip, core, forums and members and import them one by one, downside of this seems to be that they overwrite default language back, that'll be english.

    I added language.xml to download, witch contains all I have, Ip.Nexus, Ip.Content, Ip.Gallery, Ip.Chat, Ip.Board (3.3.4) and so on and that won't overwrite default, all have public side translated, minus few strings.

    Please report any errors at jared@herppi.net

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