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  1. elj added a post in a topic: Safari Error   

    I've been getting this fairly often when browsing topics on here over the last few days. Is it an error on the site or an error with my internet connection? Generally I have to wait a few minutes and it starts working again if I go back to the forum index page.

    Safari can’t open the page.
    Safari can’t open the page “http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=267613”. The error was: “bad server response” (NSURLErrorDomain:-1011)

    If it's an error with my internet, I'll go away quietly. :lol: Just wanted to see if there was anything wrong with the server the forum was on or something related.

    Thanks. :)
  2. elj added a comment on a blog entry: Brandon Farber is now a ZCE   

    Congratulations! It's made me want to take it now... maybe I'll look into it over summer.
  3. elj added a comment: Create button for IP Pages display incorrect text   

    Could well be a bad install then... I'll wait and see what the next build comes up with!
  4. elj added a comment: [BETA 5] Content from previously edited blog shows in newly created blog entry   

    Yep, it seems like the same problem here. :)
  5. elj added a comment: Beta 5: Create menu strings   

    Same install, it's:

    CODE<div class='article_row'>
        <div class='art_img' style='float: left'><img src='skin_images/kb_article.gif' alt='Article icon' /></div>
  6. elj added a comment: [Beta4b} - Pages - Choose a member   

    Yep, that fixes it fine. :)
  7. elj added a comment: [Beta4b} - Pages - Choose a member   

    Recurring price does not show (yearly is selected)

  8. elj added a comment: Downloads: Editor doesn't appear in Lang 1 when trying to add an error message   

    If box is blank, you are not able to proceed. An alert box shows up "You must enter a message to post!"
  9. elj added a comment: [Beta 4a] translation is not visible on the translation page   

    Beta 4: It's changing the time, but the menu still shows -12, however the option is changed and shows a 'revert' option. :)
  10. elj added a comment: [Beta 4a] translation is not visible on the translation page   

    It's reverted to the original.
  11. elj added a comment: Beta4a - Forums names altered   

    No. However, it seems to work now. >_<

    Must have been a one-off, sorry.
  12. elj added a comment: [Beta 4a] Upgrader errors prevent upgrade   

    When it lists the notes you have, the text is 'title by on date'... missing the 'by username' bit.
  13. elj added a comment: [Beta 4a] translation is not visible on the translation page   

    Changing the system wide preferences for the time zone does not change it.

    Editing user preferences to change time zone does not change it.
  14. elj added a comment: New Database, create new page   

    I'll agree on the text - I can't read any of it, especially in the license agreement. WinXP Home, FF1.5.
  15. elj added a comment: Beta4a - Forums names altered   

    If you add a state not in the list (there's a box next to it), this isn't added and the 'State' field is left blank. You can fix this by editing the customer, but it's a bug on new customer creation?

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