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  1. vico21 added a post in a topic: Spam Help Please   

    Need to set a List of Spammers out of My forum.
    I was wondering if is there any option that takes out this Shit. That doen`t sell anything and closes my forum due repetitions System.
    I`d like to know if I can set an Option for a NEW MEmber that Can`t post anything without writing some comments in some other`s  Topics ;  without creating their own. So we aVoid time of their own while we clean and They take off. Bad for them, But i can`t wait more. 78.000 Topics, withouit any life, design, intention To sell. And i Get closed momentally by Hostgator.
    Thanks guys.
  2. vico21 added a post in a topic: Spammer`s List   

  3. vico21 added a post in a topic: Spammers sending PM's to unknown users   

    List of Spammers
  4. vico21 added a post in a topic: Facebook Text Color #   


    In the Community
    Facebbok Like App Box.

    Right Column:
    I cannot find Where to edit the Code To seeThe letters that say The,  Next to theP And above the Like You like this that are In #fff; white.

    Needthe name of the file, Please, as I can`t seeit anyWhere

    Thank s
    in advance
  5. vico21 added a post in a topic: Facebook Widget CSS   

    I`m looking for it too
    Any answer yet?
  6. vico21 added a post in a topic: How to add a Facebook Like Box?
  7. vico21 added a post in a topic: Nexus:Problem edditing   

    I need to edit The layout:
    Normal Layout has 3 different columns. Left Colum - Middle layout, and right Column layout, Wich i deleted, with the Shopìng cart That i moved to the Left.
    So now I have Two colums. Left layout, And middle Layout. That`s what i wanted.
    Now i have the following Problem: the right space a left it`s empty, And i want to fill it with The middle Layout. To make it Wider.
    I want to know How can I make wide the middle layout. So I need to Know where is the name of the file located. To put that Extra number to px.
    Then, I will have and extra Space. I want to use that to fill with the Products I have but bigger images.Right now is width: 100px;   height: 95px;. I want to change that Size, So i need Where is located.
    Also, I want the generalcontainer, Wich has all the images and Title and Price,, Make bigger. It`s width: 180px; height: 180px , I need to know the name of the File. css, or Js, Or whatever islocated, to change those parametres.
    I also want In Every title, to show al the attributes. So when on Click, Mouse -over it shows the whole title instead of pieceatitle...And all The tdots. So I obtain the whole tittle Hover.
    1. How can I make wider the middle layout (location - Name of file)
    2. How can I make bigger the Block that contains images, Title - description and Price. (location)
    3. How can I make bigger the Images. As they are to small for the user To see.
    4. How can I add tittle - attributes, (and Where is located)
    5. I want to know , Once in product description page. how can i Make images bigger, And what template is it.
  8. vico21 added a post in a topic: Ebay new design   

    Ok, but is it ok if you make it like Ebay?
  9. vico21 added a post in a topic: Ebay new design   

    When you make edit work
  10. vico21 added a post in a topic: Ebay new design   

    So when the Upload begins It get deleted
  11. vico21 added a post in a topic: Ebay new design   

    Please can You make the design like
    The distribution of the content as well.
    With bigger pictur?
  12. vico21 added a post in a topic: Moving Shoping cart Block to the left   

    I`m trying to move The shoping cart "right Column" to the left.

    So i get more Space to the Right.
    Where is it the name of the panel CSS, to change   template Control Panel
    Where products Cathegory list is
    But i can`t find it in my Template Innovation4

    When i get the code in Mozilla firebug:

    <div   class = "ipsLayout_right" >
    <div   class = "general_box clearfix" >
    <h3> Shopping Cart </h3>

    <p   style = " text - align :  center "   class = "no_messages" >
    <em> Your cart is empty right now </em>


    And want to paste: <div   class = "general_box clearfix" >
    <h3> Shopping Cart </h3>

    <p   style = " text - align :  center "   class = "no_messages" >
    <em> Your cart is empty right now </em>

    In :




    <div   class = "ipsLayout_left" >
    <div   class = "general_box" >
    <h3> Product Categories </h3>
    <ul   style = " padding :   6px ; " >

    I cant find any file, template, css or root, in CP, in FTP, in, once saved, in my computer, that has
    the results the Chrome

    It says: /public/style_css/css_12/ipb_styles.css

    And nothing there when i paste the mentioned "code"

    Can you please tell me the name of the file In The  template Control Panel in Nexus ?

    i Don`t know where to go:

    Global Templates
    Board Index
    (Content) Global Templates
    Forum View
    (Gallery) Albums
    (Gallery) Global
    (Gallery) Homepage
    (Gallery) Image Listing
    (Gallery) Show Image
    (Gallery) Post Image
    (Gallery) View User
    Global Comments Templates
    Other Global Templates
    Login Screen
    Member List
    Moderator CP
    (Nexus) Clients
    (Nexus) Emails
    (Nexus) Payments
    (Nexus) Support
    Online List
    Post Screen
    Registration Screen
    Report Center
    Topic View
    User Control Panel
  13. vico21 added a post in a topic: Make Adsense working In Nexus Description - Package When accesing the Site   

    Can`t Paste adsense code in Nexus, when adding a description.

    When pasting  Google code It doesnt  show the Advertising  in the community
    In Nexus > Basic settings tag

    It shows when "save and reload:
    Instead of the whole Adsense Google code.

    So it changes the code and it doesnt show the Banner in The Comunity fOrum
    So please people: Make it work
  14. vico21 added a post in a topic: All the colum for Shopping Cart   

    Can you place the info of: 
    Shopping Cart Your cart is empty right now
    some where else where it doesn`t take such a big space for only that information. Instead to give extra space for more products in the same page and Please bigger pictures options and please title atributes for the Store
  15. vico21 added a post in a topic: There is a problem in Facebook   

    When you paste a Url from a topic in facebook, it appears always The logo of your web site. Not apears the Picture of the topic. If you paste 5 topics it appears 5 topics but with  same 5 pictures. Horrible

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