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  1. risqq added a post in a topic: Teams   

    Not sure if I am on drugs, but the file format for the uploads seems odd.

    Has this been packaged correctly? Seems a bit messy having all these files in the root. Additionally, it's not showing in the manage apps....therefore I cannot even install it.

    Can you check this Mikey.
  2. risqq added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    Hi Marcher,

    In between me PM'ing you yesterday, we've now worked out it's causing a conflict with some plugins for our theme, as well as the theme itself. I reached out to the developer of our style today and they have come back stating that they cannot get it working, as the method works fine with "wordpress comments" - just not the bridge.

    I'm not sure what method it is they've used, because oddly enough, the avatars show with the default wordpress theme. We've invested too heavily in the sites branding and style to change it now, so I guess the bridge is not going to be the right path for us, which is a shame.

    It's an awesome bridge and it ticks all the boxes, but with the compatibility issues with the style and some of our plugins, it's not something we are going to be able to use.

    Sometimes I bloody hate Wordpress!
  3. risqq added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    We've got all aspects working apart from the Avatars - they don't appear to be syncing.

    On wordpress login bar (Top) the Avatar shows as the IPB one, but in the comments it doesn't. Any advice on this?
  4. risqq added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    I'm going to give this a shot - seeing as in the previous pages you've stated you will refund if it doesn't work. You seem to have a good reputation so I'm sure you will stick to this if I cannot get it working correctly.

  5. risqq added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    Is this still supported? Shame as it costs a lot and the lack of support answers is a bit off putting.
  6. risqq added a post in a topic: Teams   

    Mikey - Still no update on the app? Not going to be long until i get a renewal request and it seems there isn't much news from you regarding a release.

    Can you let me know an ETA, otherwise I'll be cancelling I'm afraid. bit dissappointed if I am honest, because before I purchased you clearly stated there would be regular updates, which doesn't seem to be the case.
  7. risqq added a post in a topic: Teams   

    Would be nice to get an update on this.

    Seems to be taking some time.
  8. risqq added a post in a topic: Teams   

    Hi Mikey,

    So as mentioned above, I'd like the ability to have custom fields, or pre-defined fields for the user to select.

    So in my case, I'm using teams for PlanetSide 2 players to set-up their outfits (Teams) - I'd like the user to be able to select the following, and have it show up not only on their team page, but in the main "Teams" Section.

    So this would be - Faction : of which their are 3 choices. Secondly, it will be Server ( There's about 10 to choose from, Varying in Location (US, EU etc)

    So, I'd like it so the columns look a bit like this.


    For the Faction, just displaying an Icon would be fine, and the server, I'd like the name and the flag (Like my custom profile fields)

    Is this all feasable?

    Additionally, can we have the logo (Say 50x50px) show on the teams front page - right now it doesn't?

    This will benefit not only me, but everyone with teams for multiple games, Countries etc (as it will help as a filter as well as improve the overall appearance of the app, as it looks messy having to stick the server name and location in the team name.
  9. risqq added a post in a topic: Teams   


    Just to be clear - this is working fine on the latest IPB release?. We just purchased the Social app, only to find it's not working correctly on the latest version (Keeps asking us to re-import templates after an update (God knows why)

    Does this play nicely on the latest version of IP.Board and with custom themes.

    Additionally - what's your road map for this app. Where do you ultimately see it going?

    I'm getting a bit sick of investing in apps, only for the developer to drop the support very soon after. Not wishing to tar everyone with the same brush, but I just would like to know where you see this going? I presume this was developed for your own site, so will continue to be supported?

    $12 isn't a lot, but it soon adds up over a year. I'd love to see some sort of reputation system showing how many apps developers abandon, so you know whether or not to avoid.

    So far, this does look amazing though Mikey, and it has huge potential.

    Good job mate.
  10. risqq added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    mmmmmmmmodding - I think rather than keep asking so many people and getting so many different answers, why not look at vBTournaments as a reference point. the app is amazing but sadly it's on vBulletin which is pre-historic poo.

    I'm not saying outright copy it, but use it for reference.

    We have a license for Tournaments 1.0.3 and have been unable to use it correctly to date. The processes and ways of going about things seem a bit long in the tooth.
  11. risqq added a post in a topic: Download: Espada - IPBFangorn (promotion for 3.4.4<)   

    Ahh that's a shame - can it be modified so it will work fixed width?
  12. risqq added a post in a topic: Download: Espada - IPBFangorn (promotion for 3.4.4<)   

    Is it possible to have this skin fixed width (including the header)? I had a quick look at your code to see if it would be compatible with a project that is coming up. I see you've hardcoded the width, so a live edit in firebug to the demo CSS doesn't work.

    This will be a problem and will mean I won't be able to do what I want with it.

    I'm a bit concerned by this malware link too - I've also heard this is appearing on Windows based machines.

    Can you let me know,

    This is your best skin so far.
  13. risqq added a post in a topic: [3.4] ZuZuSkin - Easy to change   


    I sent you a message but in case you don't see it I'll post here too.

    How do we add the breadcrumb at the top of the page like you have on zuzu.vn?

    Additionally, Is it possible to purchase or beta test your simple portal? We're after something just like that for our F1 site.

    We can offer a donation or something :P

  14. risqq added a post in a topic: Tournaments   


    Got them - thanks a lot. I was wondering, if I send you my site logo, can you make it into a similar style icon - Tried to replicate the same effect as you used and can't get it perfect!

    I'll credit you for them - thanks!
  15. risqq added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    @Becca - Did you do FIFA12, Gears of War, MW3, Black ops logos etc somewhere?

    I thought you had but can't find them anywhere.

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