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  1. madriss added a post in a topic: Instant Notification Floods Followers   

    I've been looking at this issue as well, I ended up making a few modifications in the following template bits to hide the option:
    User Control Panel -> notificationsForm
    Global templates other -> likeSetDialogue (see the $freq foreach loop)

    I also think these bits of code are related:
    "Topic preferences" section around line 2178 in admin/applications/members/modules_admin/members/members.php
    Switch at around line 92 in admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/tracker.php
    I did not try altering this code though and can't recommend it!

    I'm sure somebody is going to tell me this was a bad idea but this also seems to work for me as a forceful method of switching all instant ("immediate") notifications to "daily", "offline" or "weekly":
    UPDATE `ibf_members` SET `auto_track`='daily' WHERE `auto_track`='immediate';
    UPDATE `ibf_core_like` SET `like_notify_freq`='daily' WHERE `like_notify_freq`='immediate';
  2. madriss added a comment: Archive posts missing old topics with post count 0   

    Oh dear, guess I should have been patient and asked you first! It must be a bug in the archiver then rather than the post count in the database? I'll see if I can get a list of all the ones that were 0 from a backup, or run something to check for that and change them back, thanks for letting me know.
  3. madriss added a record in IP.Board   

    Archive posts missing old topics with post count 0
    When I ran the archive feature on my forum, about half the topics it should have archived were not done. On inspection I found that the topics it missed out had a post count of 0 in the topics table. Unless it's just a problem with my forum for some reason I think this must be left over from a legacy version of IP.Board which used to use 0 until a reply was made. In any case, I ran "UPDATE ibf_topics SET posts=1 WHERE posts=0;" and then it archived the rest of them.
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  4. madriss added a post in a topic: Option to always go to last viewed page/post in a topic?   

    I've just upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.2.3 and people are complaining that before the upgrade whenever you click on a topic that you've read before but had been updated since you last read it, it would take you to the page or post that you had read up to. Now it always takes you to the first post on the first page.

    I understand there's a little round icon to the left of the topic on forum view which you can click, but you didn't used to have to click that, it would always do it. Can the old way be re-enabled somehow, without adding /unread to the end of every link?

    EDIT: Looking back at another IPB 3.1 board I think they're actually mistaken and just confused about the new position of the "Go to first unread post" button, so I'll move that and make it more prominent. You can delete this topic, sorry :-)

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