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  1. madriss added a post in a topic: Instant Notification Floods Followers   

    I've been looking at this issue as well, I ended up making a few modifications in the following template bits to hide the option:
    User Control Panel -> notificationsForm
    Global templates other -> likeSetDialogue (see the $freq foreach loop)

    I also think these bits of code are related:
    "Topic preferences" section around line 2178 in admin/applications/members/modules_admin/members/members.php
    Switch at around line 92 in admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/tracker.php
    I did not try altering this code though and can't recommend it!

    I'm sure somebody is going to tell me this was a bad idea but this also seems to work for me as a forceful method of switching all instant ("immediate") notifications to "daily", "offline" or "weekly":
    UPDATE `ibf_members` SET `auto_track`='daily' WHERE `auto_track`='immediate';
    UPDATE `ibf_core_like` SET `like_notify_freq`='daily' WHERE `like_notify_freq`='immediate';

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