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  1. Hierofantus added a post in a topic: Good recaptcha but not for IPB, why?   

    [quote name='Dmacleo' timestamp='1347029554' post='2306058']
    I use keycaptcha , seems to work ok. there is hook for it here in market too.

    Personally I like the idea of this captch very much. The only thing is that some people didn't have the patience to do the puzzle (Already used it for some time). Otherwise i would use it.
    Also thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hierofantus added a post in a topic: Captcha code plugin   


    About 2 years ago I've started a forum based on phpbb3. The first problem that I had was spam. That's why I tried various captcha codes. In most cases if the captcha was bulletproof I received negative feedback on the captcha from the community. On day I found this nucaptch ( http://www.nucaptcha.com/ ) and the spam was reduced to none in an instant. Now since I thought that it's time to move from a free license software to something better, I bought an IPB.Board and Blog licence. For someone like me that doesn't have a big knowledge of how scripting works it was a huge step forward. Imagine my disappointment when i saw this:

    There simply is no IPB plugin for that. Now most of you may say that there are dozens of decent captcha codes. I agree on this but this particular one if good not only because it's easy too do. It's hard for bots but childsplay for every age group which in my case is a important factor.

    I don't want to say someone what he has to do but I think as a major forum software you should take into consideration plugins that might be usefull to other people.
    Like I said I am not that great with coding but I always thought vBulletin and IPB where, let's say, business opponents. So that makes me even more eager to see if the developer team would consider supporting this captcha. I know it is not hard for someone that has the knowledge to do that but like I said. I'm more of a speaker then technician.

    I hope you will take this under consideration and perhaps release a plugin like that. In my opinion it won't harm IPS in any way but show that IPS is a community with a very large spectrum when it comes to supporting it's clients.

  3. Hierofantus added a post in a topic: Good recaptcha but not for IPB, why?   

    [quote name='Dmacleo' timestamp='1347029054' post='2306055']
    maybe because its a paid app?

    There is a limit for free usage. You pay only if you exceed that limit.

    [quote name='Aiwa' timestamp='1347029126' post='2306056']
    Since you're looking for someone to make this for you.. I've moved it to Mod requests. You are also welcome to post this as a suggestion to the IPS devs in the Feedback forum for their consideration on including it in a future release.

    Thank you, I'll post it in the Feedback forums as well.
  4. Hierofantus added a post in a topic: Good recaptcha but not for IPB, why?   


    about a month ago I decided to buy the forum software you guys are offering. The main reason was because the design, multiple addons and overall appearance felt really good.
    So much for a short introduction. As all know spambots are a very big problem for all forum communities. It's really hard to find a good captcha code to make people happy and prevent bots rom flooding your forum. Now, I don't intend to advertise nuCaptcha ( http://www.nucaptcha.com/ ) but I have to say that from several captcha codes I've used so far, this one is by far the best one.

    As you can see there are some platforms that have already their support. I am just wondering why IPB is missing.
    It's just that my knowledge on how to "make" my own captcha code by using the resources nucaptcha is providing me with is close to none. On the other hand if I know that the codes are really good I can't understand why IPB wouldn't want people to have a plugin like that aswell.

    Now, on to my request. Could someone from the IPS community make a plugin for IPB.Board and IPB.Blogs? If not it's too bad but like I said. If something works really good why not share and support it.
    It'a also a way of showing business professionalism.

  5. Hierofantus added a post in a topic: Calling out new error   


    I can't find out how to pass custom error to errors array while writing a post.

    Basically I'm writing captcha plugin and I would like to show custom errors (there are many) in the red box above the post (default template), however I'm unable to trigger error. I tried to rip idea from built-in recaptcha plugin

    but apparently this won't work. It will ignore $this->error and only understand that return was false therefore returning default err (CODE_ERROR).

    Also, am I able to trigger this error handler without POST?

    else { $this->error = $answers[1]; return FALSE; }

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