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  1. Kyanar added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Driver Error in tagged content
    On this site, when clicking a tag within a marketplace entry (example: [url=""][/url]), a driver error is displayed.  This is consistently reproducable.
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  2. Kyanar added a comment: "Could not locate invoice"   

    PayPal would only do that if you have Nexus set up as the IPN URL in your PayPal preferences, which you should [u]not[/u] do. You need to remove it from the PayPal IPN preferences (once you've set it the first time, Nexus can send the URL with the request and it will work).
  3. Kyanar added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Invoice notification contains "contact us" even if support module not in use
    If you are not using the support module (say you use an external service desk tool), usually the support options vanish off the front end (because a ticket cannot be submitted anyway) - however invoice notification emails still contain "Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns" which links to the inactive support module, through which you cannot submit a ticket as there are no departments. Although I realise this is a template controllable by the admin, it should really honour the disabled support module the same as the frontend does.
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  4. Kyanar added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Sphinx Template Error
    When building a Sphinx.conf from the ACP, the generated config file refers to "downloads_ccontent.field_1" in the IP.Downloads comment queries, but the downloads_ccontent table doesn't have a field_1 in it. This causes downloads comments not to get indexed at all (and spams up the Sphinx logs).
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  5. Kyanar added a comment on a blog entry: Introducing IPS CDN Service   

    [quote name='Mark' timestamp='1345939027']
    There's nothing to integrate with... IP.Board already supports any CDN service - we're creating a new one :smile:

    Well, there is the fact that the CDN service built in will notify the provider when the content has changed (skin recache, etc) to force an update - it'd be good if this was able to be hooked into for other services (CloudFront, MaxCDN etc).
  6. Kyanar added a record in IP.Content   

    Query strings containing / character cause page not found
    Using latest IP.Content.

    If you have a query string parameter which contains a / character, IPB redirects to the "Not Found" page configured for content. URLencoding the value before IPB gets it makes it work correctly.

    Repro steps:

    1. Configure IP.Content with friendly URLs, using the external index.php (not tested with IPS_DEFAULT_APP or /page/ friendly URL methods)
    2. Create page, example /test.html
    3. Browse to page with a query string containing a / character, example

    Expected Result: /test.html loads correctly
    Actual Result: IP.Board redirects to the 404 page configured in IP.Content settings.

    Real life example: (working), (404)
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  7. Kyanar added a comment on a blog entry: Nominated Charities   

    Just to clarify, you're probably looking for US charities I suppose (tax write-off and all that - and donating across borders might be an accounting nightmare)?

    I heard Lindy mention Ronald McDonald House - I could support that (working for a hospital board which happens to run one of the three children's hospitals in our country, we see the work they do quite personally).

    Also, erm, how in blazes have you raised NEGATIVE $973.48? Are you billing them? (I kid, it's probably a mistake. Still, might wanna fix it).
  8. Kyanar added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect   

    Still with the requirement for it to be a PHP script though. Many applications within my network are not PHP, but are actually mostly ASP.NET - certainly at least the ones I'd rather designate as a master are. The connector script should really be language agnostic - if it can talk "IPS Connect" it should be able to be pointed at and used.
  9. Kyanar added a comment: More button bug?   

    [quote name='Marcher Technologies' timestamp='1344401914']
    .... I would like to know how under any circumstances and in any way a conflict between a third-party modification and a third-party skin is an IPB bug?
    You read through that, I'm certain you will realize the futility of this 'bug report'.

    Actually, it's nothing to do with add-ons at all - perhaps you should read Ryan's thread here (including the responses from Ryan H and Wolfie) rather than getting antagonistic towards another member reporting something he sees as a bug.

    Now, you're only going to notice this bug if you have a very specific number of apps installed (i.e. enough that you will have precisely enough tabs to fit into the space[i], [/i]but not enough so that a More button cannot fit). This seems to jive with my own experiences, even using the IP.Content navigation. It is pretty minor but a tad annoying, and I'd rather not have to introduce kludgy hacks again (previously, my own application would prevent the more button appearing by overriding and replacing it with an empty function. At least I think that's the function off the top of my head).
  10. Kyanar added a record in IP.Content   

    IPC not taking into account setting for using Google JS or not
    Further to - it seems to correctly use the CDN path now, but it still seems to assume that everyone wants to use Google Libs for their jQuery files. I don't, so I'd like it to take this into account - especially as I already load jQuery into my template, so I don't need (or want) to load it again.
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  11. Kyanar added a comment: wrong insertion on </head>   

    I can also confirm this - except that in my case the IP.Content code is being inserted literally right into the middle of all my other script and link tags.
  12. Kyanar added a record in IP.Nexus   

    Notifications, part deux
    I've not been receiving notifications for a while, and just started receiving them again. However, the notifications are showing someone else's user details. The notification is definitely correct for a commission payout for my product, but addressed to someone called "Neuro".
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  13. Kyanar added a comment on a blog entry: Fusion Menu 1.2 for IP.Board 3.2 Available   

    The menus sit in the same spot really, but when I get back to my office I'll get a couple of screenshots of the front end, certainly.
  14. Kyanar added a comment on a blog entry: Fusion Menu 1.2 for IP.Board 3.2 Available   

    That's wonderful. Just FYI though, I only support legally purchased copies. Pirated copies are on their own.
  15. Kyanar added a comment on a blog entry: Fusion Menu 1.2 for IP.Board 3.2 Available   

    Where did you download your copy from? I've not seen any missing images.

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      Thanks Olivier, all's well that ends well :). I just seemed a bit cheezy that in paid skins there was a big popup (yeah, I know you had to click on it) - and I did *not* like Sebastien's responses to legitimate concerns from lots of customers.

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    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

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    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  15. Kyanar » Cryptovirus

    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

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    @loyalpk: noone will switch to 2co for IPB mods and skins. The chargeback fees would bankrupt us and it costs more.

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    Whaddaya mean "why can windows not have chmod" - it's got "cacls" ya know!

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