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  1. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Additional IPS option request   

    They've said on numerous occasions that this is never going to happen.  It just encourages witch-hunts by overzealous fans and gives people a bad impression of the company.  If you suspect that a site is nulled, then just report it and move on - it's not your job or responsibility to be IPS' copyright police - they have people for that.
  2. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Sending post to all users   

    No forum has this feature.  They can subscribe people to all new topics, but not once have I ever seen a forum that allows you to force subscribe individuals to every single reply.  Mostly because that's a fast track to a Spamhaus listing.
    This is the sort of thing best left to hooks, not the base product.
  3. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Sending post to all users   

    Uh, no, most forums do not have such a feature.  Certainly not one which the user cannot override - what you are describing is called "spam", and is technically illegal.
  4. Kyanar added a post in a topic: IPS.CDN have desactivated it from several weeks but...   

    Have you tried recaching your posts?  Things like emoticons and suchlike will still link to the CDN until the posts are recached.
  5. Kyanar added a post in a topic: access to old versions   

    The customer is contracting him to upgrade his 2.3 skin to the latest version - I'd say that's an intention to upgrade to 3.x in the very near future :)
  6. Kyanar added a post in a topic: IPS Connect & Drupal   

    Profile field mapping would be impossible.  IPS Connect doesn't actually allow transferring information beyond the very base profile info.
  7. Kyanar added a post in a topic: consistency in your code.   

    Sounds like a config problem.  Mine doesn't do it ;)

  8. Kyanar added a post in a topic: IP.Chat + Webcam   

    Just don't be surprised if the price goes up.   Astronomically .  To do video chat, you'd need server infrastructure running Flash Media Server or similar (at hideous expense) and the bandwidth use would be MASSIVE .
  9. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Spam being sent via IPBoard email share button from guest users!   

    I highly recommend you get some SPF records at the least set up then.  Those headers show a SPF lookup failure (" is neither permitted nor denied by domain of").  It won't stop your forum from sending spam, but it will stop other people spamming as you.  Couple it with outbound spam filtering on your forum's email, and you should be able to cut the tap off pretty easily.
    Postini doesn't bounce.  Ever.  The only anti-spam solution I've seen that actually sends NDRs for spam is Barracuda, and they're reviled by mail server admins and other anti-spam organisations for it.
  10. Kyanar added a post in a topic: please add the bump button in 3.2   

    That would be quite an achievement.  3.5 hasn't even been released yet, if it ever will be.
  11. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Benefits of a dedicated IP address?   

    To add to that, once we get rid of Windows XP, even SSL won't be a legitimate use anymore thanks to SNI (Server Name Indication) which is supported by every operating system, but Microsoft refuses to port it to XP.
    While the statement about ARIN/APNIC/LACNIC/RIPE wanting to know what you're using IP addresses for, as mentioned earlier none of them actually clarify what they define as a legitimate usage - that's up to the provider from whom you're acquiring your IP addresses.  Usually, though, your provider will be quite strict as they cannot get more addresses even if they want to (from RIPE or ARIN.  APNIC and LACNIC still have some space left but they're assigning pretty small blocks at this point).
  12. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Spam being sent via IPBoard email share button from guest users!   

    How did that spam manage to get past Postini though?  I'd look to tighten up your anti-spam settings a bit were I you.  You would then have to put up with more emails ending up in your daily quarantine summary though.
  13. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Expected Output Monitoring enhancements   

    For what it's worth, I eventually gave up on this feature and have New Relic monitor the content instead.  But it still would be good to have this feature working for those who  don't want to pay $100/mo per server for monitoring.
  14. Kyanar added a post in a topic: IPB Breaks the One-Document-Per-URL Paradigm   

    For what it's worth, it is a bit weird that it looks like the URLs there are urlencoded twice...
  15. Kyanar added a post in a topic: Number 5 on my whisy list - Threadted forum   

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure you will not see threaded conversations return - they actually used to be a feature of IP.Board until they were removed because no-one used the feature.

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    I just found out about your ibContact mod today & it sounds amazing! I signed up for your newsletter to receive updates as I'll definitely buy it when it's released. ^_^

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    any word on the ibContact mod? It's the last piece of the puzzle for my site...

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    hey, please check pm!

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    Happy Birthday!!!

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    IPB? Missing feature? There's an app for that.

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      I agree. Now, I need one :P

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    Java update is beginning to hack me off. The CONSTANT UAC approval requests, every fricking day!

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      disable uac :p

    2. Kyanar

      Oh hay-el no. I tried to disable Java Update, but it wouldn't have a bar of that. I know if it updates Java, Eclipse will break.

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    Submitted a ticket on your site, very disappointed I can't use my paid application. :(

  8. Kyanar

    Aaaaand... there's your pre-sale.

  9. Kyanar

    Just got Starcraft II, and realised I can't activate it becuase I don't know where my keytag is. Grr.

  10. Kyanar

    Six copyright links on a single skin. How NOT to market yourself.

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Always been the same thing. Only new thing is the credit box thingy. The skins are cheap, and you can remove the copyright for 30 bucks.

    2. Olivier Turbis

      just replied on Skinbox, Mat.

    3. AnthonyKinson

      what skins have 6 copyright links?

    4. Olivier Turbis

      Ours by default, but you can actually remove the half of them.

    5. Wolfie

      Why so many? o.O

    6. Olivier Turbis

      Always been the same thing. Only new thing is the credit box thingy which you can REMOVE.

    7. AnthonyKinson

      ahhh, cool, i'm not to fussed aslong as they aint all bunched together in one big area.

    8. Fishfish0001

      Its not really annoying. 2 are hidden in a popup, which is cool looking. I only know of 4, but Im probably just not looking :P

    9. DarkGizmo

      What skin is this?

    10. Fishfish0001

      Orb. And all of them.

    11. Wolfie

      One at the bottom, somewhere near the IPB copyright is plenty. More than that is excessive.

    12. Collin1000

      Screenshot or something? Im curious...

    13. Kyanar

      Thanks Olivier, all's well that ends well :). I just seemed a bit cheezy that in paid skins there was a big popup (yeah, I know you had to click on it) - and I did *not* like Sebastien's responses to legitimate concerns from lots of customers.

  11. Kyanar

    This place has more drama than Desperate Housewives today.

    1. Collin1000

      Oh yes.

    2. PKIDelirium

      Drama llamas everywhere

    3. Collin1000

  12. Kyanar

    Finally upgraded to 3.1.1. Had to use one of the shell scripts too. Feel proud.

  13. Kyanar » Cryptovirus

    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  14. Kyanar » Cryptovirus

    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  15. Kyanar » Cryptovirus

    You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  16. Kyanar

    @loyalpk: noone will switch to 2co for IPB mods and skins. The chargeback fees would bankrupt us and it costs more.

  17. Collin1000 » Kyanar

    I love your staff post color mod! Keep up the great work! Thanks for being so helpful in the community. :)

  18. Kyanar » Louis M.

    Whaddaya mean "why can windows not have chmod" - it's got "cacls" ya know!

  19. Kyanar

    Act. As always. Not like I relish the thought, working in government as I do.

  20. CTerry » Kyanar

    So what do you reckon? National/Maori coalition? National/ACT coalition? National minority government?

  21. .Ryan » Kyanar

    @your post about TurXaliM... that had me rolling :P

  22. Kyanar » DixieWebster

    So I'm not the only one. I hate spammers.

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    Nice posts you have made. They get to the point!

  24. UBERHOST.NET » Kyanar

    Quite an eye for detail, this one.

  25. .Timmy » Kyanar

    I love all of your responses regarding point systems being integrated into IPB. It amazes me how so many people beg IPS to put in a feature that they want that isn't even useful to the majority of the IPB community.