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  1. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Never take your board off-line   

    I take backups from cPanel/phpMyAdmin, yes, but I take the board offline first so nothing gets added to the database during the backup.
  2. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Never take your board off-line   

    This is my offline page:

  3. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Never take your board off-line   

    I only turn my board offline when I'm upgrading it or taking a backup, and I always do that pretty late at night when there's usually little to no traffic.
  4. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: FURL - IPS intends to fix this?   

    If you're concerned about it, just don't use topic titles in your staff forums that contain anything you don't want known by members.

    Hell, most of my staff forum topics are titled mundane stuff like "lol", "fail", "upcoming updates", etc.
  5. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Support for Steam OpenId   

    I believe OpenID support is being dropped in the next release, 3.3, which is coming fairly soon.
  6. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Toooooooooo bad for lifetime license users   

    Captcha doesn't work for lifetime licenses? Why not?

    Edit: If it's because you don't have a ReCaptcha key, you can get one of those yourself from ReCaptcha.
  7. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: 1.3 to Latest   

    Yeah, I'd let IPS support handle this upgrade. 1.3 to 3.2 is a big jump even when coming from actual 1.3 software, let alone InvisionFree.
  8. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Obamacare and IP.Downloads   

    Uh, WTF does the health care bill have to do with taxes regarding sales?
  9. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Minimum Age   

    Technically, you probably have to be 13 (according to COPPA) to register on this site in order to purchase a license.
  10. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Recompressing images < max size   

    Awesome, so if the uploaded image is already at or below the maximum size setting, it won't touch it at all?

    That's been a pet peeve of mine ever since I bought Gallery and started messing with it on my test board. Just seemed like bad behavior to re-compress images for no reason, so I'm glad this is taken care of.

    Now, to expand on my idea on the original images...

    Basically, I'm thinking Flickr. On Flickr, if you upload an image larger than their Large preset, it creates all the resized versions (Large, Medium (photo page display size), and Thumbnail. But it keeps the original. The uploader can select their settings to allow the Original image to be downloaded by anyone, only registered Flickr members, or only themselves.

    The current "Maximum image size" could be renamed "Maximum size for Large image"

    With that, you would have the current functionality work pretty much the same, with the photo page displaying the resized Medium image, clicking it opening the Large, but then having a link/icon to download the original, for photos that were larger than the maximum setting for Large, if the uploader allowed it. Very Flickr-style with how they handle the originals.

    That way, you could keep the original without changing the existing functionality, to be downloaded by users if the uploader allows, and to use when regenerating the smaller versions, so you get the best quality instead of regenerating from a compressed one. Obviously this would have to have an ACP setting to disable it entirely, for boards lacking the disk space to keep all those huge original files, and I don't know how feasible this would be to add in. Just some food for thought.
  11. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Get index.php out of URLs   

    You need to use mod_rewrite. There's instructions on how to do it in the FURL settings section of the ACP.
  12. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: IPB 2.3.6   

    2.3.6 is actually available for download again, for those wondering.
  13. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Be able to PM yourself!   

    I used to do that all the time in 2.3 and previous versions. Was disappointed when I saw it wasn't possible in 3.x.
  14. PKIDelirium added a record in IP.Board   

    Status comments with Japanese characters
    Seems this isn't working. I can comment on statuses here just fine in English with Roman characters, but as soon as I paste in a Japanese character, like お, the Comment button no longer works.

    Edit: Can't post an actual status with these characters, either. This is affecting both Safari 5 and Firefox 3.6 on OS X 10.6.
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  15. PKIDelirium added a post in a topic: Purchase IP.Board but can't download   

    Fraud check, all orders have to be approved by billing.