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  1. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Client Centre - Please add Community Name to the list of Paid Invoices!   

    This seems to have stopped working. None of my recent invoices during 2014 in the Client Centre are showing the url of the board any more in the list of invoices.
  2. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Print HTTP headers and no-cache headers - enabled or disabled?   

    Hi folks,
    Its been a long while since I last looked at these settings in Server Environment:
    Print HTTP headers (Some NT installations will require this to be turned to 'no'.)
    Print HTTP no-cache headers - (This will stop browsers caching pages - Note: The previous setting must be enabled for this to have any effect)
    I currently have both of mine set to Yes but can anyone please advise whether they should be enabled or disabled or does it simply depend on your particular server set-up?
    I would have thought caching a page would be the better option to save on bandwidth and improve performance for the website visitor, but they're obviously there for a reason.
    What's the potential impact if you enable or disable them?
  3. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Improvements to Bulk Upload   

    To be honest, I like the way the actual bulk uploaded works in terms of being able to mass select files and upload them, it's just the painstaking method of reviewing them afterwards where you are endlessly ticking boxes for images you want to show a map for, or the way it ignores an existing Copyright you have inserted into the photo via Photoshop instead making you enter manually it repeatedly, over and over again.

    I've been able to figure out how to mass update fields to enter a copyright and show the map via PHPmyAdmin but it's risky and takes a while to get right to calculate the rows in the table you want to change. It shouldn't be this difficult.
  4. The Old Man added a post in a topic: What image dimension settings are you using in IP.Gallery?   

    My Gallery's image dimension settings are currently set at:
    Full Size : 1920x1080
    Medium Size: 640x480
    Small size: 240x240
    I also use Thumbnail settings set at 100x100 Square.
    I guess it always depends on your target audience and the nature of the images in your gallery, but I had increased the max full size to 1920x1080 a couple of years back to account for the standard 1920x1080 HD monitor size, but in these days of iPad 3/4/Air Retina Displays, should we be setting Full Size at 2048x1536 to ensure users of these devices can get the best out of the Gallery?
    Does the Gallery's Lightbox take account of iPad Retina Displays so users don't have to dig for View Other Sizes and selecting Large?
    Does gallery keep the original uploaded photo so when you rezie images in the Gallery it will use the original image? Or do you use an external photo editing app to resize and then reupload and replace your existing images?
    Be interested to read your thoughts on this...
    Perhaps IP.Gallery 4 will have dedicated image size settings for latest mobile devices?
  5. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Video upload speeds in Gallery   

    Hi Karen,
    Sorry to reply to an old topic, but I agree with other comments about IP.Gallery not handling/presenting videos very well.
    IMHO I think its probably because of the decision over the years not to focus on making it a Media Gallery, as opposed to being developed as an Image Gallery.
    I absolutely recommend Videos System from Devfuse which I thought may interest you:
    As it exists on your menu bar as Videos (or whatever you wish to rename it), it also makes finding video content a breeze for your visitors.
    There are some nice Hooks with options to display recent or featured videos.
    I use it here:
    The interface looks a bit dated but I think that's because of the default IPB3 skin which has been around for a few years now, so it should appear a lot more presentable when IPB4 is released.
    However, it does a brilliant job of presenting videos.
  6. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Improvements to Bulk Upload   

    Going to have to upload 177 photos again from an annual local event, not looking forward to it!
  7. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Please improve your media playback compatibility experience for Blog Entries!   


    I love your Company Blog and the great updates especially on IPB4 but it frustrates me to the highest level that in mid-2014 I still can't view your video clips using an iPad!

    Please can you consider using a different format or improving your media player to something like JW Player that has an non-Flash HTML5 player so iPad users can see the demo videos you take the time to make for us!

    Many thanks.
  8. The Old Man added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    Really nice improvements, thank you. Will you be able to custom profile fields that are live, clickable links? For example, links to Twitter profile, Facebook page, etc under Contacts section? In IPB, such links have nice icons but require skin edits to make them clickable.
  9. The Old Man added a post in a topic: How do we add ( or allow) more links in member profile?   

    I wish there was built in support to add more social urls like this in IPS4. Its a pain having to upload iconsvia FTP to the style_extra/cprofile_icons/ folder, then add them via the AdminCP, then make skin templates just to make the url's live. The process could be improved upon.
  10. The Old Man added a post in a topic: IPB4 Calendar Suggestions   

    In IPB 4 you can set colours for calendars, but how about adding:

    A) event colours.
    B) event icons, selectable from pre existing plus option to upload own.
    C) option to upload a calendar event image, like a blog entry image.
  11. The Old Man added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Moderation Part 5: Warnings   

    Very nice. I think this is as far as warnings should go though, it covers everything and anything else is in danger of making the disciplinary system over complicated. Re the "Content Count" thing, wouldn't "Contributions" be more appropriate, as in contributions to the community or website? Symantics I know.
  12. The Old Man added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Improving multiple calendars   

    Calendar needed some love, and these entries show us this is happening. Event colours (the ability to custom colour events) and ability to choose from a list of built in event icons or upload your own would be great too.
  13. The Old Man added a post in a topic: New Registration Email - needs improving!   

    Thanks Rikki.

    Apologies, I meant can more than one admin be added to receive new registration emails?
    Although I set up my community I have a fellow Admin who logs in more frequently than I do.
  14. The Old Man added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Global Sidebar   

    [quote name="stoo2000" timestamp="1395700085"]
  15. The Old Man added a post in a topic: New Registration Email - needs improving!   


    Currently in IPB, when a new member registers, you can opt to be notified via email.
    The email is basic and doesn't contain any convenient links to your community, the admin panel, the new members profile, the moderator panel, or much else beyond the basics.

    How about including some more info from their profile that's been completed and perhaps a profile photo if they've uploaded one by the time the email is sent?

    Also can more than the root admin be selected to receive these emails?

    Many thanks!

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