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  1. The Old Man added a comment: Digest email notification unreadable   

    Understood, thanks Rikki.
  2. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Two step verification option   

    Great idea.
  3. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Status Updates   

    Plus one for me. At one time status updates were a huge feature, then they got hidden away so my members stopped using the facility. Messing about with this block is a further step backwards.
  4. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Selection and delete mass for emoticons   

    Excellent idea! Much needed!
  5. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Digest email notification unreadable
    l just received a digest email and I use an iPad. The text and graphics are very small, worse in landscape than portrait mode.

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  6. The Old Man added a comment on a file: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Yes me too! I'd be hung, drawn and quartered if I upgraded to v4 before Shoutbox was compatible! 
  7. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Please restore date format editing ability in IPS4   

    I found this topic via search because Ive just come across this issue with having a UK and separate US calendars. It's visible in the Upcoming Calendar Events Hook. I'm in the UK but both calendars entries show as US style. The format for Calendar is in the main Calendar management settings and not in the settings for individual calendars, which may be resolved in v4.

  8. The Old Man added a post in a topic: List of sites / pages done using CCS   

    Your website looks absolutely gorgeous, well done. IP content is so cumbersome, painful to use and so dated looking, seeing Pages in operation has given me hope and a desire to keep it. 
  9. The Old Man added a comment: About Me text editor doesn't fit page   

    Hi Andy, I don't have access to a v4 ACP but that's interesting. Not sure why I as an everyday Admin would be expected to change this setting though, shouldn't it automatically wrap if there's not enough room? Accept that the editor behaves oddly on an iPad though.
  10. The Old Man added a post in a topic: IPS4 - add Custom Profile Field clickable links?   

    Awesome, thank you!
  11. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    About Me text editor doesn't fit page
    When using an ipad3 at least, the text editor is partially hidden...

    • 4 replies
  12. The Old Man added a post in a topic: IPS4 - add Custom Profile Field clickable links?   

    IPS4 - can you now add Custom Profile Fields that are clickable links? 
    For example, a CPF that is a live URL to a social media profile that is clickable rather than an appearing as unclickable text?
    Many thanks.
  13. The Old Man added a post in a topic: "Paste as plain text by default". Should be enabled by default?   

    +1 from me! Strip that unnecessary code!
  14. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Calendar - tablet mobile device suggestion more than bug
    When viewing the Calendar by Month or Week views, you have to click on the exact URL hyperlink to view a specific day, would be a more user friendly experience for tablets or mobile devices if you could just press/click anywhere on the whole Day 'square' like it was a button. It has the shape of a button after all. 
    • 2 replies
  15. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Page 1 of topic keeps reloading every time it loads - iPad
    Was reading page 2 of this topic:

    ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ then when I clicked on page 1 after the first post loaded my iPad kept reloading the page saying "there was an error with this website so it was reloaded". Every time it displayed 1st post of page 1 then went blank and reloaded again. Something is triggering it, its a topic with code examples  so may be connected or something to do with the editor?
    using iPad 3 with iOS 8.1.2 
    • 2 replies

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