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  1. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    About Me, Location and Interest in Profile get wiped
    Using my iPad I just filled in blank profile fields for About Me, Interests and Location via the Edit Profile option when viewing my own Profile.
    It saved the changes okay.
    Then when to Account Settings, clicked on Other Settings/Edit Profile which brings up a floating window. This version also shows the full editor for editing the About Me section which is handy but likely to be missed by users. I noticed this was all blank, every field empty.
    i simply exited using the X top right corner without editing anything, which resulted in all the Profile fields now being blank again when I went back to my profile.
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  2. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Managing\Cleaning up Emoticons After 3.4.7 Upgrade   

    In the release notes for v4.0.2 it says "Emoticon sets can now be reordered. You can also now delete entire sets."

  3. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Managing\Cleaning up Emoticons After 3.4.7 Upgrade   

    IPS, please could we have an official response to this issue? Many thanks.
  4. The Old Man added a post in a topic: CKEditor and design issue   

    Holy heck! You mean we can finally use tables in our posts and Pages articles? #collapsesinshock 
  5. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Managing\Cleaning up Emoticons After 3.4.7 Upgrade   

    I thought this was supposed to be finally sorted out in IPS4? 
  6. The Old Man added a comment: Editor bug   

    +1 The editor latency bug was supposedly fixed by reordering the order the JS files load, but it's made little difference to me, just a tad quicker to load but still around 10-15 seconds before the cursor appears.
    when opening a topic I often can't scroll down either (iPad 3 again, with IOS8.3) and the frequent page reloads due to an error drive me to despair.

  7. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Google webmaster tools - mobile usability issues   

    Since v3.4.x is still being supported, perhaps IPS could release a responsive skin or upgrade? Or too much work?
  8. The Old Man added a comment: Editing profile removes existing Location and Interests   

    I was using an iPad with IOS8.2 if it helps.
  9. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Editing profile removes existing Location and Interests
    I just entered some text in the Location and Interests fields in my profile, they saved okay and were visible in my profile.
    i then went back to Edit and they fields in the Edit pop-up were blank. I entered some text in the About Me field and saved, and it wiped out the existing text in the location and interests fields.
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  10. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Error when opting to follow member
    Hi, (sorry about the messed up layout, I'm using an iPad 3 iOS 8.2 and it's so buggy in the RTE it won't let me insert uploaded image attachments where the cursor is using the + symbol on the thumbnail, they keep appearing at the top of my post and I can't drag and drop them!)
    I just went to follow a member from their profile.
    I clicked on follow, it took me to this page, then I clicked on Update Preferences not knowing if I had to complete this next step, it then showed me an error message about raw data?
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  11. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Please add option to follow the Knowledgebase   

    The Knowledgebase is really useful to keep up to date with, for example Rhett's guidance on dealing with the non-responsive mobile skin and changes to Google's bot, or the updated Media BBCode which many site Admins will miss. However there is no way to keep up to date with new content other than visiting the page which seems odd. Please can you add a 'Follow or Subscribe' option so we can receive an email notification of new articles?
    Many thanks!
  12. The Old Man added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Gallery - Upload image then get a message saying I have to upload at least 1 image
    Just went to the Gallery here on this website in the Members Gallery to test. I uploaded an jpeg, it appears under the upload box as a thumbnail, so I click on Done and it says "You must upload at least one image or one movie".
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  13. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Two step verification option   

    Great idea.
  14. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Status Updates   

    Plus one for me. At one time status updates were a huge feature, then they got hidden away so my members stopped using the facility. Messing about with this block is a further step backwards.
  15. The Old Man added a post in a topic: Selection and delete mass for emoticons   

    Excellent idea! Much needed!

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      Checked your profile and your photo looks ok.I guess they're a bit cut off in mini view..(board index, status updates). Not a big deal to me.

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