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  1. JackMT added a post in a topic: Link structure after conversion   

    I'm running a MyBB (1.6.1) which has installed a SEO plugin which renders the links as:
    I wouldn't like to change this format....... Would I be able to preserve this URL structure? Also the main reason why I haven't bought the IPB package is that I'll lose rankings once I'll convert to the IPB, as Google might penalize me for chaning the software/url structure. What SEO impact will have the transition from MyBB to IPB.
    Thank you!
  2. JackMT added a post in a topic: Theme adaptation, database transfer and other similar stuff - Paid job   

    I have a MyBB 1.6.9 forum, and I would like to change it to IPB Board + Content. 
    I was wondering if you can recommend me someone that could help me with the transition. I want a theme adaptation (not very hard to do.. ), and proper database and redirect setup.
    I can pay around 50$ via PayPal if anyone is interested.

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