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    I am looking to for help with 2 issues. on our site www.justgodetecting.com
    1. im trying to update one of my advertisers logo in the header. I have the new banner they want up in an email file and im sure its a rotating ad. 
       I recall having to save the file to something, but I cant for the life of me figure this out. And then where to insert the code. Currently my ads are coded in the default header but i need to get this one up to keep my advertisers happy.
    previously I had a great designer helping me out but he fell off the earth as many designers seem to do. So i am somewhat code savy as i added many of the other features and update our banners and such.
    2. We had our designer insert representing icons next to board names in the index to dresss it up a bit, I have since added a few new ones and want to clean that up as well. 
    thanks in advance

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