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  1. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: League of Legends Guide Builder   

    Interesting... I shall be following this closely.  :ph34r:
  2. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: PSN, Xbox Live and Steam profile tags   

    Apologies for dropping a rather large comment and then not replying earlier.
    For other custom fields that you might want to have separated from others, you could always add some kind of line break to just that custom field. All you would need to do then is ensure that it is sorted to either come completely before or after the other fields. Again, it's as simple as a CSS or small HTML tweak.
  3. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: League of Legends Guide Builder   

    I completely agree with you. Sounds like a PITA reading the change-logs every Friday when an update comes out and then editing the database based on any changes and then if the game devs do anything to break the game's meta, you might have to overhaul the DB. Then multiply this by the number of games supported...
    Obviously it is doable based on existing sites that do it, but It sounds more like a whole business idea rather than a one-and-done release with updates every once and a while. It would be interesting to see someone jump into this field and release an app that does this well for IPB. 6-month renewal cycles would definitely be expected because of the extreme support required.
  4. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: Pull data from IMDB: is this something that worths to keep on developing?   

    I just a quick trip around the internets and found . This looks to be appropriate for your use. It looks like there current source is Freebase, a metaweb giant (think Wikipedia, but with an API). Their license looks appropriate for your use too.
    Here's an example request for the movie True Grit .
    EDIT: Also keep in mind that Netflix has an API and an affiliate program, mix these two and buy yourself that fourth monitor you've always wanted.
  5. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: League of Legends Guide Builder   

    I would really love to get more use out of the IP.Content databases, especially in this area. I'm starting to wrap my head around it a little more and to me it seems, the hard part is really designing and coding the front-end portions like the actual database templates for the guides. Also, if anything needs dynamically updated in the backend, then that needs a whole different set of code to accomplish that (i.e. Dylan's Live Stream app).
    The real challenge for setting up any kind of guide system for games like LoL and DotA are fact that these games constantly change and update. You would need some kind of back-end supplemental database that updates with fresh items and heroes from these games. I know databases like this exist, especially in the MMO world, like  which offers a nice and complete database for all things WoW related and even has a nice JS plugin to easily add to any website.
    Just by looking at one of the guides on SoloMid, I see that they have a hovercard-like setup for each item and skill with their associated stats and descriptors. I'm not sure how you would implement something like that through IP.Content alone unless you had a secondary DB to provide those tables and fields and then had jquery requests that scraped the data from those fields.
    Very interesting topic. I'm obviously interested.
  6. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: PSN, Xbox Live and Steam profile tags   

    So you're looking for three things:
    - The ability to have Steam, XBL, and PSN profile fields
    - Have these fields show up on the registration page
    - Have these fields show up as clickable icons on a topic page
    You can already do this with all of these stated services. You just have to use the built-in IPB Custom Profile Fields feature (Admin Panel -> Members -> Custom Profile Fields) ( ). Unless you want to somehow take this a step further and possibly over complicate things, you should try to use this feature. I currently have it fields setup for Origin, Steam, and several games which have profile pages view-able from a website.
    Here's an album with some screenshots that should get you started: . All you really need to do for the simplest setup is analyze the way some of the other default fields are setup and then copy them. You will need to upload new icons for those new fields, but besides that it's all there.
    ADKGamers, from the looks of your site (which I follow, because your clan also runs IPB and does a good job at it), you already use these features to show Battlelog IDs. The only thing you could change if you wanted it to just be an icon is to use what I have shown in one of my example pics (#3 and #4 I believe).
  7. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: Teams   

    Mikey, thanks for the recent updates to the app! I'm starting to use your app for my gaming website and would like the ability for the mods and myself to add people to the teams that we setup, especially since we are trying to implement this on a site with a large existing user-base and do not want to wait for them to all add themselves. Does this currently exist in the apps current state and if not, could this feature be part of a future update?
  8. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: streaming page like other websites   

    I would also love to have an IPB application that gave my site a nice Live Streaming page like those of LoLpro, TeamLiquid and such. As far as services to support, and are really the only game streaming sites that people are using regularly. I suppose that someone would also want to support and to allow the application to be used beyond live game streams. I believe that all of these services offer decent api's for creating such applications in javascript and php.
    Anyways, I hope Marcher or whoever releases something like this on the marketplace soon!
  9. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: Facebook Oath (Add an additional permission)   

    To follow up on this for anyone who might be interested, I ended up finding the source to edit through my own search. If you want to add permissions to your site's Facebook Connect for additional functionality in third-party mods, you can modify the following files and lines:
    publicjsips.facebook.js (Line 15)
    adminsourcesclassesfacebookconnect.php (Line 101)
    adminsourcesbaseipsRegistry.php (Line 2192)
    I'm currently using the CometChat system which already integrates with IPB internal members system by adding live chat via JS, but also added functionality to connect to Facebook too. I'm still tweaking this a bit and need to look at adding the permissions to the /index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=facebook "Manage Facebook" page. Also, I refrenced this support topic on the CometChat website for figuring out how to integrate this solution.
  10. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    Care to share your feature roadmap? I've always thought this was a good app for the IPB system and am definitely interested in its future.
  11. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: Facebook Oath (Add an additional permission)   

    I'm trying to add the  offline_access and  xmpp_login permissions to the Facebook Connect authorization URL. I'm trying to figure out where I can add those two permission parameters so I can give users the functionality of Facebook Chat through the website (through another script). I think I've got it narrowed down to the /ips_kernel/facebook/base_facebook.php on lines 896 to 957. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience on adding a permission set to this? From my understanding, if I added those parameters into IPB's facebook connect script, I wouldn't have to add them into the chat script that I'm using which obviously already supports Facebook Connect.
    If anyone has any advice on the matter, I would greatly appreciate the help. I'll happily share my results with the community to hopefully enable others to add this functionality to their site too.
  12. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: Exploit blackhole? * AVG Warning whilst on 3.3.4 *   

    Sounds like your site was gifted the December vulnerability that the rest of us got.
    Refer to  this security bulletin with it's included software patch.
    Check your site's directories for oddly named files such as "480311c3.php" and delete them. A lot of people have recommended recaching all of your files via your AdminCP Cache Management page. You should also alert your hosting provider to see if they have any security fixes for it and what advice they may have.
    I would also recommended beefing up your site's registration policies including using KeyCAPTCHA, security questions and the Stop Forum Spam IPB app.
  13. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: PHP Upgrade Problem (5.2.x FastCGI to 5.3.x FastCGI)   

    I've had good luck with mod_pagespeed for the most part. When I initially tried it out it was messing with some of the variable CSS elements in my skin, but those seemed to work themselves out. I have the debug footer enabled on my site at the moment and I'll continue to monitor it to see how my load times are affected.
    One note for people using mod_pagespeed is that you can tell it not to cache certain elements of your site via .htaccess lines. Here's a great link to Google's dev site:
  14. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: PHP Upgrade Problem (5.2.x FastCGI to 5.3.x FastCGI)   

    Care to expound upon that? My main thinking goes back to all the audits I've done with YSlow and Chrome which tell me to minify my CSS and JS. It decreases the amount of bandwidth used and the amount of http requests. Why wouldn't I want to use that feature?
  15. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic: PHP Upgrade Problem (5.2.x FastCGI to 5.3.x FastCGI)   

    I upgraded my site's VPS to PHP 5.3.13 (cgi-fcgi) from 5.2.x and now my site will not render/load my CSS files on any of the pages of my board. After doing a bit of searching on this forum, I now have the "minify JS/CSS" option ticked to not minify it and it displays properly, but that really doesn't seem like a good solution since it's causing unnecessary server load and page load time. I have tried re-caching everything I can think of but the minify function doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any advice on how to solve this issue?
    I suppose using mod_pagespeed along with IPB's built-in caching will suffice, but it would be nice to have it all minified once more. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on this issue?
    I would greatly appreciate any support!

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