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  1. Lase added a comment: still - Turkish localization problem   

    I emailed Brain regarding a custom skin we need.
    He engaged us so I drew up an email outlining the perameters. Whilst it's quite a complicated set-up we have programmers to do the technical stuff that would keep his job relatively easy.
    He neglected to get back to me. That was three weeks ago. So we pretty much lost a week or so.
  2. Lase added a comment on a file: Featured Content on Board Index   

    Seems good. Could you give me the exact dimensions for images used for each section please?
  3. Lase added a comment on a file: Featured Entry on Board Index   

    If you could enter thread URLs into this it would be superb.
  4. Lase added a comment on a file: Sign in through Google   

    Ah this is brilliant man.

    Looks great on the index.
  5. Lase added a comment on a blog entry: Introducing Badges Application   

    I like this, but I'd like to see more badges and how you go about editing them first. Is it also possible to design your own png's to fit into this?
  6. Lase added a comment on a file: User Online Status in Topics   

    I did go for this Michael, and good work, but disabled it because it just knocked the username off sync and it looked a bit messy. If the button was on the other side of the username I would've had this one boss.

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