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  1. Filistine added a post in a topic: Migration from phpBB 3   

    Is it possible to migrate from phpBB 3.0.10 to IP.Board without losing any users and content? Is this included in the initial purchase installation?

    Also, I need to re-create some very old content and I suppose will have to do this manually. As a result:

    1. Can admin change the poster of a thread from Poster A to Poster B?
    2. Can I easier change a post's creation date / time? This is crucial because in the past we have re-created hundreds of posts only to find that we missed one and had no way of inserting it into it's proper place in the thread.
  2. Filistine added a post in a topic: IPB Documentation   

    Upon purchase (or even prior) is there a downloadable manual for IP Board? I find it annoying to have to navigate through an online version of a manual when I can easily search a PDF and / or print out a hardcopy to read whenever I have some free time.