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  1. Peter Parker added a comment on a file: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    i bought this when it first came out, because it said that it would work with IPB forum skins. It never did, and I believe the author decided later that even though he sold it to us on that pretense he would stop support for other themes than his own.
    Also if there is an issue with his coding his default argument becomes "it was designed to work only with IPB's default theme."
    I was highly disappointed at the waste of my $ on this. It was a nice trick to try to get me to buy one of the authors skins though ;)
  2. Peter Parker added a comment on a file: [HQ] Adverts in Topic   

    This mod is awesome!! So much better than the one nexus comes with! THANKS! you have helped to increase our mobile referrals 100%!!
  3. Peter Parker added a comment on a file: Post Anonymously   

    Excellent. This is one of the best features a board could have IMO, and the hook actually works :)
  4. Peter Parker added a comment on a file: (BIM34) Featured Content   

    This app is great. I have been waiting a long time for this. Thank you so much!

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