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  1. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: remove online users list   

    i see why i couldnt find it in the ACP search. its called " Show active users"
    Thank you!
  2. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: remove online users list   

    I'm wondering if it is possible to completely remove the online users list from the board index? I know there is a setting to select which groups can see it, but when you use that, it still shows the list in the footer, it just says no one is online (all zeros). Please share a way to do this? :)
  3. Peter Parker added a comment on a file: IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    i bought this when it first came out, because it said that it would work with IPB forum skins. It never did, and I believe the author decided later that even though he sold it to us on that pretense he would stop support for other themes than his own.
    Also if there is an issue with his coding his default argument becomes "it was designed to work only with IPB's default theme."
    I was highly disappointed at the waste of my $ on this. It was a nice trick to try to get me to buy one of the authors skins though ;)
  4. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Mysql noob could use some help   

    the query you supplied for signatures worked flawlessly by the way. Thank you both for your help. This really made my life 10,000 times easier.
  5. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Mysql noob could use some help   

    well... apache still serves requests on port 443 and htaccess rules for the time being. Nginx listens on port 80 and serves static content (mostly for caching etc). But this will still work.
    Thanks Rhett, I may also implement this in htaccess, but it is important to change all the urls in the database, as even though this redirect sends a person or bot to the https version, when you are viewing a page that has images being served from http or links pointing to an http page browsers give warnings. So changing all the urls in the db is of course the cleanest way to make the transition.
    Andy's post will also help if I (or anyone) ever decides to change a domain name but want to use the same content. I have multiple IPB licenses
  6. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Mysql noob could use some help   

    is there a way to create a 301 redirect rule that will redirect a person or bot that follows an internal link to the correct page (not the home page), without creating a specific redirect for every page? I usually avoid putting too much stuff in my htaccess file, and just try to stick with the basic stuff, like canonical redirect, gzip, etc.
  7. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Mysql noob could use some help   

    Awesome, thank you Andy! I really need to take some time to learn more about mysql. It's not common that I even mess with it, unless my server crashes for whatever reason, and I need to repair the db, which is pretty easy just using --help lol
    Thanks again for your help.
  8. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Mysql noob could use some help   

    So I am trying to change all instances found within my sql database  of to I am mainly concerned about internal links (like internal links to other pages, signature links, image urls etc) that way when I switch to the https version, there will be no browser warnings about insecure content, at least on the majority of my boards pages.
    I contacted IPS support about it, and they told me they couldn't really help me because it is outside of the scope of their support, but to ask here, since there are many talented individuals.
    I do know some basic mysqld commands, but I am not sure what command I would use to globally change all instances of the old url to the new url.
    Please help if you can.
    (IPS said: "It would require direct database manipulation to make that change, a carefully written MySQL "REPLACE" query on the posts table.")
    Thank you to anyone who would be willing to help me with this.
  9. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Full SSL support   

    google just included https as a positive ranking factor in their SERP algorithm. Don't be surprised if you dont start hearing more about this in support tickets as news speads, and the possibility of google increasing importance of ssl.
    they will probably open their own certificate business soon :lol:
  10. Peter Parker added a comment on a blog entry: Corex Responsive Skin Presentation   

    I would buy this in a heart beat if it came in a dark version.
  11. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Export topics from IPB, Import to Wordpress   

    Is there a way that I can export topics from IPB and import them into Wordpress?
  12. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: way to insert heading tags in posts?   

    I've been asked by several of my members if there is a way to add heading tags in forum posts. I don't know how. Is there currently a way to insert these in forum posts?
  13. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Anyway to quickly add NOINDEX tags to categories/forums and all topics?   

    Unfortunately doing that will not add a noindex meta tag to the head. It will prevent the forum and topics from being included in the sitemap though, which would be very helpful if anyone was to change the permissions so that guests could not view the forum (preventing 404 errors for the bots).
    I tried to add a "noindex, follow" tag to the skin then used the meta tag generator to override the tag in the skin, but it did not work on the topics in the forum that I want to still be indexed.
    Thanks D, for the suggestion!
  14. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Anyway to quickly add NOINDEX tags to categories/forums and all topics?   

    I know this is a strange request, as everyone is always wanting better SEO for their forums... But I was wondering if there is a quick way to add a NOINDEX tag to individual forums, all the current topics in the forum, and all future topics so that the forums/topics are stll viewable to guests, but search engines will not index anything?
    Using robots.txt doesnt seem to be practical as this wont drop the current topics/forums out of the search engine's index, and I still want ONE forum (and it's topics) to be indexed.
    I know that I could just change the permissions, but I would rather not have a bunch of 404 errors, and I do want guests to be able to browse freely if they are just curious.
    Thanks for any help, or advice!
  15. Peter Parker added a post in a topic: Blocking Countries through htaccess   

    it works really well. I have owned two licenses for three years now. It used to be called but they either changed the domain or another company bought them. I am not sure but I can verify that this service definately works very well.
    I originally bought it because we had a guy get banned, and I guess was mentally ill or something. He kept registering with tor and making death threats to members, posting scat porn in the gallery etc. so I blocked him with the .htaccess code I posted, because he was using tor. Then he got high tech and started using stealth VPN's, so I bought the script from (, and it kept him out for good, since he would never use his home IP. I was only using it on the registration page, not sitewide.
    I've just been using it on my estores on the checkout page to help prevent fraudsters (as far as that goes).
    anyway, its real and not something I googled.

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