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  1. CodingJungle added a comment: \IPS\Helpers\Form::addSeparator() typo   

    i misspell things all the time :)
  2. CodingJungle added a comment: google-code-prettify   

    ​that is what originally brought me to debug it, as i thought this was the issue as i noticed it early on (but didn't report it, cause my internet was troubled, but once i got the lines replaced and increased my speed, the problem persisted). when i correct it (only on local, haven't tested on a remote yet), 4.0 and 3.x are about the same page load times, 4.0 is slower in in_dev than 3.x is, but out of in_dev, they are relatively the same speed (they were both fresh installs). 
  3. CodingJungle added a comment: RC6 can't install in firefox   

    tested it again once i was back in Ubuntu with firefox developer and a local lamp stack and no issue, however it persist on my windows 8.1 (so it is more than likely something locally than in IPS). 
  4. CodingJungle added a post in a topic: Form Helpers   

    There are currently two minor issues i see with this.
    The first one is with "labels", and "descriptions". I can tell it to use another language string for the "label", but the description is still built from the elements name with "_desc" appeneded to it, can  there be another property added that allows us to define a different description lang string than element name + "_desc".
    The second one, in IPS 3.x, in the acp form elements, if we didn't pass the ID parameter, the ID would default to the element name, can we make form helpers do something similar? this was is more of annoyance than anything, as there are 6 optional parameters that exist in between element name and ID? 

  5. CodingJungle added a comment: google-code-prettify   

    I've done mutliple configurations, even going as far as defining google as my dns lookups and still the same thing. when i ping the url, its fast, but for whatever reason in IPS 4.0, it increases the load time. 
    I'll just continue to redirect on my local, to avoid it.
  6. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC6 can't install in firefox
    this is interesting one, in firefox developer edition in windows 8.1 (using wamp), i can not install IPS 4.0, but chrome(latest) allows me.

    • 7 replies
  7. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Forms TogglesOn   

    this was marked as "closed" but it still does it, and i provided the code requested to trigger it.
  8. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC6 Deleting Hook from Developer Center
    Deleting a hook from the developer center, doesn't remove it from the hooks.json so when you export the app, and install it to another installation, it will throw an error about the hook file in the hooks folder not being there.
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  9. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    okay this is one of the most annoying things i've come across in 4.0.
    I thought it was my internet that was causing pages in 4.0 to take forever to load, but i recently had a lot of work done to my lines and i tripled my internet speed with my provider. Everything else is blazing fast, but this adds up to 20 seconds to page loads sometimes.
    according to it, its not suppose to delay page loads, but i would say it is incorrect. I've redirected the url it looks for to a localhost url (using my host file), and the problem is resolved almost instantly, so can you guys please look into it, it makes localhost development painful.
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  10. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Create New Version
    when i try to create a new version, in the version field if i add:
    1.0.0 RC 6
    i get the following error:
    The version must be in the format 'X.Y.Z (Alpha/Beta/RC ID)'.
    pretty sure by looking at it, its in the right "format", cause i can edit the versions.json, and it doesn't give me any problems if i add on the RC #.
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  11. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Updating in market place
    When i try to update any of my files in the market place (by clicking on upload new version), i get the following error:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function isImage() on a non-object in /var/www/html/system/Helpers/Form/Upload.php on line 357  
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  12. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Plugins/hooks badly broken (?)   

    @Matt  you're on a mac right? seems only reproducible in windows. I can't reproduce in linux either, so something unique to windows wamp stack, that bfarber does something differently without realizing it, that prevents him from hitting it....what that something is i have not a clue.
  13. CodingJungle added a provider in Providers   

    I've been developing on and off for the better part of the last 12 years. I am self taught in PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript (jQuery & Prototype)/Python (also have experience with node.js and angular.js). I've been working exclusively in IPS for the last 3 years, but I'm competent in several frameworks and software outside of IPS.
    If you are interested in hiring me, contact me with a details of what you are wanting, the time frame. I will try to get back to you with in 48 hours, with an estimate of hours.
    Thank you for looking
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  14. CodingJungle added a comment: RC 5 - Plugin Download   

    if i put them in myself, will it not attempt to do it?
  15. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Plugins/hooks badly broken (?)   

    marcher brought up a good point, what is the collation of the DB? when i reinstalled wamp and created the DB manually using utf8mb4_unicode as the collation, this problem no longer occurs. 

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