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  1. CodingJungle added a comment: [RC1] forums link   

    it does work now in RC2, but forms has a double forward slash, so the url looks like this:
  2. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Theme Hook Location   

    been playing around, in \System\Theme\Theme.php on line 3483, altered the preg_replace that was there to this:
    $content = preg_replace( '/<(\/)?(!DOCTYPE|html|head\b|body)([^>]+)?>/m', '<$1temp$2$3>', $content ); it now successfully replaces <head></head> and does something with DOCTYPE as well, that phpQuery seems to have a problem with as well. Now on line 3570, i altered it to this:
    $return = preg_replace( '/<(\/)?temp(!DOCTYPE|html|head\b|body)([^>]+)?>/m', '<$1$2$3>', $return ); and then i had to add this, as i was having trouble getting DOCTYPE to put back in:
    $return = str_replace(array("<temp html>","</temp>"), array("<!DOCTYPE html>", ""),$return); it will add a </temp> tag after the </html> tag. regex isn't my strong suit, so there is probably a better way of doing things.
  3. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Theme Hook Location   

    looked further into this problem today, it appears phpQuery has removed the <head></head> tags, moving a few tags around and </tempbody> and </temphtml> aren't getting replaced back with </body> and </html>. (in the screenshots, i sourced the index page. the one on the left is when a theme hook is used on "globalTemplate" and the one on the right is without the hook installed).

  4. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Widgets   

    this can be closed, it was an error in my widget file.
    public function init(){}
    tries to set a default template to $this->template(), once i put in a override for it, it works now.
  5. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC1] forums link
    the front navigation link always returns the "homeurl" regardless, even if forums not set as the default application.
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  6. CodingJungle added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    I can make the hamburger do that if you like, the switch to an X. the rest however, i don't care much for myself, have you seen the mobile menu for IPS 4.0? i use it for iMenu as well.
  7. CodingJungle added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    I went there on my ipad, but i didn't see any difference in the menu from on my desktop.
  8. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Theme Hook Location   

    hooking into this template also seems to mess with the share icons.
  9. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Plugins/hooks badly broken (?)   

    this is where i hooked into.
    and this is the hook file:
    i've done a fresh install of beta 8, and install this hook to it, and it works like it should. do you have whoops enabled in_dev mode? what are your php error reporting settings? 
  10. CodingJungle added a comment: [Beta 8] Forms TogglesOn   

    ​put this before the group of form fields:
    i do believe their is a way to order them too, but i can't recall off the to of my head.
  11. CodingJungle added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    ​Tom what kind of case is that? that looks awesome!

    desktop died awhile back, been working from my laptop.
  12. CodingJungle added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    ​I've tried several different things and i'm not able to reproduce it on my end. do you have a dev site, that is on the same server? that i could gain access to, to do some more indepth debugging?
    and in iMenu News, released Beta 1 today on the market place, and to our beta team on our site, here is a short video:
  13. CodingJungle added a post in a topic: ProMenu Basic   

    it just occurred to me, you might be missing the promenu/icons which contains a sprite of all the default icons you can select in promenu, you will need to copy it over from the default mobile folder, into your mobiles public/style_images/yourtheme folder.
  14. CodingJungle added a post in a topic: ProMenu Basic   

    sorry must not have seen the notification for this thread.
    Please use our tracker in the future,,  to report the bugs. I wasn't able to reproduce the problem with the icons not showing on the mobile, and the nexus icon, you can add this to the promenu_plus.css in your mobile template:
    #cart {
       right:150px !important;
    you can play with it to find the optimal positioning for your needs.
  15. CodingJungle added a file in IPS Community Suite 4   

    CJ Menu v1.0.0 RC 2
    If you have installed the previous "imenu" beta's, completely remove, as the packaged has been renamed to CJ Menu. Directions on how to use CJ Menu has been included in the zip, so the contents have to be extracted first before attempting a install.
    This is menu manager for IPS 4.0. Its in its beta stages ATM, so expect bugs. This menu manager is a replacement for ProMenu for IPS 3.x. Client who purchased Promenu Plus 3.x+ and are current with their renewals, will get a free copy of CJ Menu, if they agree to the renewal terms of iMenu. Clients of Proemnu Basic 3.x+, CJ Menu will be on sale from now till the launch of its Final Release version (once it it out of beta). The Release Price will be $60, with the renewal this item has. 
    If you have any questions or comments, please contact me here, on my sites contact us form ( ).
    Mega Menu style sub menus unlimited submens and children sub menus ability to add raw html or using IPS template logic (this will also allow the use of IPS template plugins). You can also use php with IPS template logic. wrapper pages: the ability to link to other sites, while keeping the user on your site, there are two modes to this with the IPS wrapper itself or without the IPS wrapper. IPS applications plugins, that will offer special features like attach categories, featured items and popular items. and much more... if you purchase this menu manager during its beta, please be vigilant and report the bugs to my bug tracker at
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