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  1. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Traffic down 90% since migration from VB   

    I experienced the same exact issue when our community was moved.  It took about six months to a year for traffic to finally come back due to Google caching all of the new URLS.
  2. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Topic Slider   

    You're right it was working correctly I figured out what was wrong.  I believe I found another bug.  In the topic slider global settings, when options like description, posts, read more, topic rating, topic pinned, etc. are all off the slider caption height % does not work.  If you enable just one option like description, the caption height % starts working again.  This is what I'm experiencing. Bug?
  3. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Topic Slider   

    The caption height % isn't working anymore.  Please check that.
    Also, add the ability to set the opacity between the "Title" and "Caption Container" independently.  The ability to use a dark Title and light caption container or no caption container at all would greatly improve this hook.
    Thanks and I really appreciate this hook.
  4. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Topic Slider   

    Like I knew you would, thanks.
    I think I found another possible bug.  In the "Slide Title and Description" options, if you set Description to "No" the slider bar in the "Caption Container" loses its set opacity.  It just turns the caption bar into a solid color.  When set back to "Yes" the opacity is restored.  Bug?
  5. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Topic Slider   

    Hey Grant,
    I own and love your Content Slider and just purchased your Topic Slider and the navbar for the Topic Slider isn't working correctly .  The navbar for the Content Slider is working good.
    It seems like the "Bar" theme navigation in Topic Slider isn't working the way it does with Content Slider.  Can you help me with this issue?
  6. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    YouTube links do not redirect.
    I hope there is a quick fix.
  7. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Articles System Broken   

    I filed a ticket but its the weekend and I think its going to be a while before it gets fixed that way.
    But true, the test articles and the images attached are showing on the content home page (index.php) but the test articles never open to anything.  Page not found.  I created an articles.html page at and nothing.  Page not found.
    I can also see the articles under the manage articles menu.
    Article name: IPS Releases IP.Board 4
    When clicked it opens up as Where do I recache furls?
  8. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Articles System Broken   

    I made sure of that and still nothing.  I have a serious issue somewhere in the articles side of content.  I think I've tried everything.  I would love to fix it but I can't find a resolution to this.
  9. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Articles System Broken   

    Yes it's currently installed and being used as my "Home" portal page.  I can parse the articles to the "Home" page but when the articles are clicked they go nowhere.  Page not found.  The URL is also broken missing information.
    I'm using an index.php landing page.  Content works fine now as is now just a landing portal with blocks.
  10. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Articles System Broken   

    Thankfully there aren't any articles.  I ditched the article system some while ago and I got some new ideas and I would like to start using it again.
    The articles aren't linking correctly. The URLS are all wrong.  I keep getting page not found.
    Also, I use IP.Content for my home portal ("Home" on the navigation bar) but I also want to use it for an articles portal too ("Articles" on the navigation bar) , is this possible?
  11. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Articles System Broken   

    My articles system is broken.  I want to reinstall it to see if I can fix it. 
    What's the best way to go about this so I can make it look exactly like it was when I uninstalled it?
    Besides backing up the templates is there anything else I should backup?
  12. CrashPush added a post in a topic: IPC Slider   

    When installed on my live board I get a broken slider.  It's showing multiple images at the same time and nothing slides.  Any ideas?
    On my test board it loads fine.
  13. CrashPush added a post in a topic: News Block   

    The "comments" tooltip and profile popup hover card doesn't work anymore.  Any news about an update for this block or a fix?
  14. CrashPush added a post in a topic: Fixing Crawler Errors   

    I thought I nipped this problem in the bud but apparently I'm still getting crawler errors.
    Does anyone have any tips on fixing crawler errors within IP.Board?
  15. CrashPush added a post in a topic: 300px Custom Sidebars   

    I'm trying to create a custom sidebar class and I'm having a hard time figuring out the correct padding.  The forum is 1050px wide in total.  I want the side bar to be 300px.  So the main content of the forums will use up the rest of the 750px.
    Here's my custom sidebar class:
    /* Custom sidebars */ .ipsLayout_customleft.ipsLayout_withleft { padding-left: 310px; } .ipsBox.ipsLayout_customleft.ipsLayout_withleft { padding-left: 320px; } .ipsLayout_customleft.ipsLayout .ipsLayout_left { width: 300px; ; } .ipsLayout_customright.ipsLayout_withright { padding-right: 310px; } .ipsBox.ipsLayout_customright.ipsLayout_withright { padding-right: 320px; } .ipsLayout_customright.ipsLayout .ipsLayout_right { width: 300px; margin-right: -310px; } In IP.Content, IP.Downloads and IP.Gallery the padding edge space is perfect with 10px on both the left and right edge.

    In IP.Board the padding edge space is a little off with 10px on the left and around 15px on the right.
    Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong?

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