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  1. Jeep321 added a post in a topic: How do I know which one to download?   

    Found answer....  :lol:
  2. Jeep321 added a post in a topic: Recommendations for Conversion Service?   

    Let me know if you find someone.
    2 Million+ posts myself, and wanting to change to an entire new domain name after or before the conversion.
  3. Jeep321 added a post in a topic: conversion services?   

    The Custom Services directory seems very light and low feedback on past experiences.
    My 1st attempt was 7 months ago.
    I am back for another run.
    I would like a solid point of contact, would be nice.
  4. Jeep321 added a post in a topic: Praise for Nexus   

    One of the biggest draws pulling me away from VB. Also wanting to tie it into the Classified Ad Script.
  5. Jeep321 added a post in a topic: Hand Hold Conversion   

    is there a section where you can track down people / vendors who help with conversions and the setup of plugins?

    Been looking at IPB for a little while and almost ready to pull the trigger.

    Biggest issue will need someone to help with the conversion, setting up the supporting applications, etc.

    Converting from Vbulletin 4.2

    2 Million+ Post
    50,000+ Members

    Been using the trial IPS, still floundering around pretty bad.

    I like the,"Under the wing of somebody who has been using IPS for years approach better, then pay them for their time.

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