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  1. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: Followers notification X real followed 'content' notification   

    Friends/Followers needs to be completely rethought by IPS.  Forum communities are much closer to the Facebook model than the Twitter model.   As pointed out above, there is a  social  aspect to friends there.    If we are forced to drop all of our followers because we don't want a notification every time they sneeze, then that removes the social and community aspect of the software.
    Really, the followers thing is fairly terrible.  I followed a developer or two on here because I wanted to know if/when they updated or released new software.  They got unfollowed after a day because of all the notification noise they generated.... and that was ONE person. 
  2. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: Please provide a list of all of the features that were in 3.X, but have now been removed in 4.0   

    Agreed, it is very concerning that so much basic functionality hasn't been carried over.   
  3. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: Prune/mass move topics   

    ​I received no such survey.
  4. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    If you know you can find what you're looking for by searching in titles, it cleans out a lot of clutter in the search results.
  5. CheersnGears added a comment: IP.Pages RC3 Errors   

    check your page and database permissions?
  6. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    So wait, we can't search in topic titles, but @Charles  says that it should automatically weight the topic title as relevant?
    That sounds like something for the bug tracker. 
  7. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: Did you know that you can post really, really, really long topic titles in Invision Power Services Comunnity Suite 4.0 and there is no option in the Admin Control Panel to limit that?   

    At the very least, topic title length should be limited in characters to prevent abuse.   The "just moderate it away" solution just means lots of potential cleanup by forum admins once some user figures out this angle of attack.   It's a vulnerability being left in the software.
  8. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: RC4 today?   

    ​Unless you use Pages and are upgrading the articles from IP Content ... then we're still pretty far off
  9. CheersnGears added a comment: [RC3] Pages - Articles badly mangled during upgrade   

    Another issue:
    A picture inserted with My Media doesn't translate over correctly.  Look at the second picture in this post.  It is a My Media item.
    3.4.7 -
    And note how it shows up here instead.
    4.0 RC3 -
    Yet if I edit the article and use the 4.0 native "Insert other Media", it will display properly.
  10. CheersnGears added a comment: [RC3] Pages - Articles badly mangled during upgrade   

    From a quick survey of my articles, I'll add that any article that  doesn't  have pagination in it does seem translate over fine.
    The only thing I can't find is an article without pagination that also has a Gallery Album item in it or an article without pagination that has pictures embedded.
     I'll try to create such articles before I do the next RC upgrade test.
  11. CheersnGears added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC3] Pages - Articles badly mangled during upgrade
    [RC3] Pages - Articles badly mangled during upgrade
    All of my rebuild tasks are complete in ACP .
    We use pagination extensively in the articles system. Any article that has pagination in it seems to get badly mangled during the upgrade process.
    Example 3.4.7 article -
    Upgraded to 4.0 [RC3] -
    Major areas of concern in the formatting:
    The article is supposed to have pagination just after the words "Press Release on Page 2" - no pagination exists that I can see. Words in the article text are somehow out of order - if you look at the line that begins " The preferred vehicle of leaders and villains is making a return to Mercedes".  That is supposed to be the beginning line of the article, yet in the 4.0 version, it has migrated to below where the pagination is suppose to be. Giant areas of white space Paragraph formatting lost.... looks like carriage returns are missing. "My Media" gallery album lost What looks like a BBCode slug made it into the end of the article Comment reputation didn't carry over.   Trying to upvote/downvote a comment causes a  Error code:  2S136/C A note about the above article - the second page would have been pasted from MS Word as it is a press release.  The first page would have been typed in manually.
    Another set of examples with slightly different results:
    Example 3.4.7 article -
    Upgraded to 4.0 -
    This article started with pagination, but none exists - the text does remain in the proper order None of the pictures embedded into the article were carried over properly. While some bold words did carry over on the previous example, none carried over properly here. Two links in the last page of the article simply evaporated. Gallery Album evaporated Note about this article - This article was typed entirely into a forum post first in our editors section. Once it was approved to be published, it would have been copy/pasted from the forum into a new Article (we don't use "promote to article", too many issues). 
    Example 3.4.7 article -
    Upgraded to 4.0 -
    Most of the same issues as above Two links which are supposed to be just after the bold word "Source" have moved to a new position before the word.
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  12. CheersnGears added a post in a topic: RC4 today?   

    Getting much much closer to a release that I could use in production... with the exception of Pages.  Pages is getting closer too, but still not there yet.
  13. CheersnGears added a comment: [Beta 8] Post rebuild super slow   

    One more question:
    Should we disable the cron task after all of the updates are run?  
  14. CheersnGears added a comment: [Beta 8] Post rebuild super slow   

    ​Just a datapoint.  I was, in fact, using the Cron task. Total time with the Cron task was about 30 hours for all rebuild tasks. The post content part took the large bulk of that. 

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