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  1. wohali added a post in a topic: SSL and IPB   

    Quick update, the example above worked for YouTube.com, but not youtu.be because of the different match regex. Here's how I got it working for a mixed http/https board:
    For YouTube:
    For YouTu.be:
    This matches both http:// and https:// inserted links of both kinds, and uses the same iframe-based embed code for each one.
    If you want to force all embedded videos to be https per the OP's original request, replace the text:
    http$1 in both of the Replacement HTML matches above with:
    https Hope this helps.
  2. wohali added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    Quick question as I don't have time to test out the beta right now: does Pages still have the IP.Content Databases functionality?
  3. wohali added a post in a topic: Ranked / Ordered Poll   

    I'd pay for an addon/plugin that allowed me to post polls in which participants rank the options offered, aka a preferential vote.
    Making people vote for only one causes people to be less honest about what they want.  If Alan really wants Choice A, but believes it can't win, he'll be dishonest and vote for his second choice because otherwise he's throwing away his vote.  It's called Strategic Voting.  Happens in politics as well.
    Some informative videos:
  4. wohali added a post in a topic: IP.Content categories/articles listing problem   

    I work around this limitation by going to the Blocks page under the ACP and editing the Articles Menu block to add ?view=archive to each of the links.
    Heres the modified template in full for your convenience:

    <php>     // Modify the array so that categories are hierarchical     $this->_categories = array();          foreach( $records as $r ){         $this->_categories[ $r['category']['category_parent_id'] ][ $r['category']['category_id'] ] = $r['category'];     }          $this->_database_url = ( $records[0] ) ? $this->registry->ccsFunctions->returnDatabaseUrl( $records[0]['category']['category_database_id'] ) : false;     //print_r( $this->_database_url ); </php> <if test="$this->_database_url">     <div class='general_box clearfix' id='article_search'>         <h3>{$this->lang->words['ab__searcharticles']}</h3>         <form method='post' action='{$this->_database_url}' class='ipsPad'>             <input type='hidden' name='do' value='search' />             <input type='text' name='search_value' class='input_text' />             <input type='submit' value='{$this->lang->words['ab__searchbutton']}' class='input_submit' />         </form>     </div>     <br /> </if> <div id='category_list' class='general_box clearfix'>     <h3>{$this->lang->words['ab__categories']} <a href='{$this->_database_url}?view=categories'>{$this->lang->words['ab__seealllink']}</a></h3>     <ul>         <if test="is_array( $this->_categories ) && count( $this->_categories )">             <foreach loop="$this->_categories[0] as $r">                 <li>                     <a href='{$this->registry->ccsFunctions->returnDatabaseUrl( $r['category_database_id'], $r['category_id'] )}?view=archive'>{$r['category_name']}</a>                     <if test="count( $this->_categories[ $r['category_id'] ] )">                         <ul>                             <foreach loop="$this->_categories[ $r['category_id'] ] as $sub">                                 <li>                                     <a href='{$this->registry->ccsFunctions->returnDatabaseUrl( $sub['category_database_id'], $sub['category_id'] )}?view=archive'>{$sub['category_name']}</a>                                 </li>                             </foreach>                         </ul>                     </if>                 </li>             </foreach>         </if>     </ul> </div> <br />
  5. wohali added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    I reported this to rsyvarth via PM and he gave me a patch that resolved the problem about 2 weeks ago.
    I recommend you send him a PM; I don't feel right about distributing the patch he gave me to you. I expect he'll put it into a new Social Groups revision soon, though.
  6. wohali added a post in a topic: Editor Themes by IPS Themes   

    FYI Tom, I had a user report that most of the icons don't load right under IE9 when editing a post. Using the full editor fixes the problem, as does upgrading to IE 10/11.

  7. wohali added a post in a topic: (M34) Donation Tracker   

    One other question: is it possible to restrict access to the app so that Guests cannot access it? I know I can hide navigation to the app but I don't see any way to restrict access under Manage Group Permissions or on the app's page itself.
  8. wohali added a post in a topic: (M34) Donation Tracker   

    Great plugin, well worth the money.
    Question: I want to define 2 overlapping rewards. They both have the same range (0-1000) and differ as such:
    Members get promoted to Donating Members Moderators get promoted to Donating Moderators They really only differ in the "excluded groups" and are disjoint sets. Is there any way to do this given the current state of the plugin? I can probably work around your validation on the form myself, but I'd rather not hack at it if it's something that can already be done.
  9. wohali added a post in a topic: Tagged Data Feeds   

    Question prior to purchase: Can I easily filter by tag and author/started_by when creating a feed block, or will this just give me filter by tag?
  10. wohali added a post in a topic: Feed block: filtering Articles by tags?   

    I've been racking my brain over this for a while. I want to show a feed block for articles with a specific tag. I can't find any way to define a custom filter for this.
    Is the only option to build a custom feed for this from scratch? It seems odd to me that no default filter is offered for an entire core feature (tags).
    I guess another option is to leave all of the other filters I want (specific categories, record status, approval, etc.) and then filter in the template itself, but then I have to use PHP/JS to limit the resulting list to the right number of items to display.  Example: I want to show the last 5 articles tagged "leader", but if I limit the feed to 5, I might only get 1. If I limit the feed to 20, I might get 6... :/
    Or I can hand Mr. Marcher $20: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5885-tagged-data-feeds/
  11. wohali added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    I found my own solution :D
    Search in groupForumSidebar for:
    <div class='ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_largeright groupContent'>
    and change it to:
    <if test="showForum:|:$this->request['showforum']">
    <div class='ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_largeright groupContent'>
    then search for:
    <div class='ipsLayout_content clearfix' id="gtopic_content">
    and replace it with
    <div class='ipsLayout_content clearfix' id="gtopic_content">
  12. wohali added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    Hi again,
    I'm looking to disable the groupForumSidebar from displaying only on a single post/editor , but have it displayed for the group and the forum index. Users are complaining that the post editor (quick reply or full editor) is too narrow and they can't edit a post reasonably.
    Is there a simple <if test="..."> wrapper I can place in the groupForumSidebar to manage this?
  13. wohali added a post in a topic: Editor Themes by IPS Themes   

    Wow, update on a Sunday - thanks! Edited my last post just as you posted, switching to a Light theme fixed it. (I'd prefer to be able to directly select a font colour rather than using a pre-selected one from the Light/Dark dropdown, btw.)
    Thanks on the icon position inspection :)
  14. wohali added a post in a topic: Editor Themes by IPS Themes   

    Just bought this - looks fantastic! I'm having trouble with the Font and Size not showing in the dropdown, and non-centered selected icons:

    Fixing the Font/Size dropdown is my top priority, I may have to tweak your CSS by hand on this one. The non-centered selected icon highlight is only a minor complaint :smile:
    Edit: OK, by switching to a "Light" style from a dark one I was able to get the text to appear, but the boxes still don't correctly fill the space, hanging off the bottom instead. Suggestions?
  15. wohali added a post in a topic: ibEconomy Raffle System   

    Yes, it does.
    If you want a standalone raffle system with no integration with ibEconomy, see the paid [HQ] Raffle System .

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