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  1. DocBatman added a comment on a file: Upload Disclaimer on IP.Downloads Categories   

    Used to be a free add-on, now it isn't. Once install has completed, it breaks the category editing until you disable the app. This is the only non-IPB app on the board. Hopefully this gets fixed or it's $6 down the drain.
  2. DocBatman added a comment on a file: [HQ] Raffle System   

    Great mod with great support from the author. Worth buying if you do any prizes in your community. Definitely easier then putting names in a hat.
  3. DocBatman added a comment on a file: (BIM34) Featured Content   

    This mod is great. I love it. It allows you to add featured content to your webpage everyday that keeps users coming back. I use it to feature news relevant to our community, new articles, and hot posts. You can see it in action on my website if you want to see how it looks besides just the demo page for it. It is great! Great support from the developer too. 5 stars!
  4. DocBatman added a comment on a file: Manage Validating Members   

    Buttons do not work in Mozilla. Paid $10 for something that doesn't work Do you offer refunds?

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