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  1. DocBatman added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Moved folders, have a few issues to clean up.   

    I changed my primary domain on my hosting account, and I had to move a few files around in my directory.

    Currently my board is functional, however, the buttons/images related to the skins are messed up or not displaying.

    All post content, files, gallery, etc is there. It's just the skins I think. I tried re-uploading the entire IP Suite.

    I have recached all, and recached skin setws. Twice.

    No resolution.

    Any ideas? I'm not getting any errors.

  2. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Media System   

    I updated the way I sort videos, and I have alleviated this problem.
  3. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Media System   

    Another question, the template, "Media System Listing Subcats Aggregator," doesn't follow the database rules for listing records. If you have the database set to display records alphabetically based on the title (Or as I have it, numerically, based on a extra field), the Subcats aggregator just grabs records and places them in the order it pulls them. Is there a way to have it follow the database rules, or to just add a rule to the template itself?
  4. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Media System   

    Question is below, but first, some context:

    Could you explain this a little more and in layman's terms? I understand how to edit .css files, but I don't see a h2.mediaTicker_title in my stock or my custom skin's files. Where is it? Thanks!
  5. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Auto-Hide Articles older than...   

    I am looking for an option to auto-hide articles older than 1 week from non-members. Is this possible?
  6. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Tracking/Engagement App   

    I will post this as a project once 4.0 comes out. Just looking for some input as I plan this.

    First, if you are a contributor, how much compensation would you need to consider to developing this? Don't low-ball it. Looking for a professional product with support over several months to fix any bugs, feature updates, etc...

    Secondly, any modifications to the general idea from anyone is appreciated.

    The website in question will have a task listed daily that user's can accomplish and post their results. (think Crossfit, but not sports related.) The mod would allow users to check that Content post as completed, and their results will post to their profile. The ability to check the task as completed would expire within 24hrs of posting the Content article. Over time they could see how many days they enaged that week/month/year in their profile.

    Additionally, they could receive rewards/badges for consecutive days or total # of tasks.

    Permissions that would restrict certain tasks to only be added to a member's profile by a mod or administrator. I.E. hard tasks that would require video proof, or attending an actual event.

    Ideally, although I'm not sure how difficult this would be, custom fields when putting in completed tasks with time, score, that could be measured against possible score or maximum time. Then filters could be applied to see how the user did compared to others. Additionally, unique identifiers for posts so when a task is posted the 2nd or 3rd time users could compare their earlier scores to their new scores in their profile.

    Thanks. I look forward to your input.
  7. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Changed Domains, Problems With IP.Content as Homepage   

    Completely missed that step before. Thanks for the help.
  8. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Changed Domains, Problems With IP.Content as Homepage   

    I've also tried with the path set to "$path_to_ipb = './forum/';"

    No luck there either.
  9. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Changed Domains, Problems With IP.Content as Homepage   

    I changed my domain, and now my homepage at the is no longer working. I updated the index.php file:
    * You must define the path to your IPB installation here, with a trailing slash. * THIS IS A PATH, NOT A URL. So, for example if this file is located in the root * of your site at /home/account/public_html and your forums are in a subfolder * named forums, you would set this to /home/account/public_html/forums/ */ $path_to_ipb = '/home/myaccount(edited)/public_html/pinelanduniversity/forum/'; /** * This is the flag in the URL for database friendly URLs. You must have a flag here * (i.e. do not try to set this as an empty string). This also needs to be updated in * admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/app_class_ccs.php as well. */ if( !defined( 'DATABASE_FURL_MARKER' ) ) { define( 'DATABASE_FURL_MARKER', '_' ); } I'm guessing its in the flag for URL database, but I don't understand any of that. I also checked my advanced settings in IP.Content and everything "looks" right. Any suggestions?
  10. DocBatman added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Internet Explorer Specific Error   

    Thanks. That did the trick.
  11. DocBatman added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Internet Explorer Specific Error   

    Any user on my site with Internet Explorer can't copy and paste. Any ideas? Other browsers are fine.
  12. DocBatman added a post in a topic: (BIM34) Featured Content   

    Is this app incompatible with RSS feeds from feedburner? I'm unable to get the images to display.

    I've deleted and reinstalled. Rechached and rebuilt. Still no dice. Apps pulls the feed, just no images.

    Anyone else have this issue with feedburner, or just me?
  13. DocBatman added a post in a topic: Upload Disclaimer on IP.Downloads Categories   

    IP Board 3.4.5
    Downloads: 2.5.4
    PHP Version 5.2.17

    After install, I am unable to edit categories. Any ideas?
  14. DocBatman added a comment on a file: Upload Disclaimer on IP.Downloads Categories   

    Used to be a free add-on, now it isn't. Once install has completed, it breaks the category editing until you disable the app. This is the only non-IPB app on the board. Hopefully this gets fixed or it's $6 down the drain.

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