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  1. ptprog added a record in IP.Board   

    Smileys stored as images
    If we are using a CDN, and we make a post with a smiley using the "More Reply Option" (i.e., without using fast reply) and RTE, the smiley is saved as [i]<img ...>[/i] in the database.
    This will cause problems if we stop using the CDN (or change its URL for some reason).
    (There are also some cases where the image is converted to the BBcode IMG tag, shown if we use the basic editor, but I've been unable to figure out the steps to reproduce the problem.)
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  2. ptprog added a post in a topic: Instant Notification Floods Followers   

    It would be nice if admins were allowed to select the available notification options, otherwise it's difficult to control the volume of emails generated by the community.
    Also, I think the options provided are not particularly good.  On one hand, the instant notifications send to many mails (it may be useful if we want to follow a topic from the email).  On the other hand, the offline notifications makes me miss some updates, as it does not send me an email when I'm online.
    What is the reason to not send emails when the user is online?
    Anyway, I think an  intermediate  option, similar to offline, but that sends notifications even if the user is online, is needed.  AFAIK, this option is present in other software such as vB, SMF, or phpBB (but more important, this option makes sense to me).
  3. ptprog added a comment on a blog entry: IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content   

    This feature would be really nice...
    Give people the ability to choose the editor and the markup language used.  You could provide an editor that just uses HTML (and forget about BBCode conversions).  Those who want to use BBCode would only have to create an editor and a BBCode to HTML converter.  The same would happen for Markdown, Textile, or any other markup language people want to use in their forums.
  4. ptprog added a record in IP.Board   

    code blocks from pre 3.4 posts
    I've noticed some bugs in code blocks after updating from a 3.3.4 install:[list=1]
    [*]In posts that start with a code block, the code block is displayed with new lines duplicated.  (In case the post starts with some other text, the code blocks are displayed correctly.)
    [*]When we use the inline edit, the extra new lines disappear (not a bug), but the spaces at the begin of each line also disappear (this is the bug).  This happens to any code block (i.e., it doesn't matter if the post start with the code block or with some other text).
    [*]When we edit the post in a new window, we get the extra new lines.  Again, this happens to any code block (i.e., it doesn't matter if the post start with the code block or with some other text).  In this case, the spaces at the begin of each line are correctly preserved.
    See [url=""][/url]
    Below is post as stored in the DB.[code=auto:0] [code]int main() {<br /> return 0;<br /> }[/code][/code]
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  5. ptprog added a record in IP.Board   

    Special BBCode either shows HTML or removes formatting
    This is a minor bug, but if we select several lines of code, and try to apply a special BBCode, we will get in the text area the HTML code associated with the selected text.
    Tested in this website. 
    On the other hand, if I just select a single line (e.g., bold text), we do not see any HTML, but the formatting is removed after adding the special BBCode.
    (For the first case, I guess it would be better to simply omit the text area when there is text selected.  People should know they have text selected.)
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  6. ptprog added a post in a topic: Format URL custom field as a link (security issue)   

    One of the custom fields I use with IP.Downloads is an URL, and I would like to have it displayed as a link (like the "Demo" field in the IPS Marketplace).
    A possible solution for that is to use the value
    <a href="{value}">{value}</a> for  Field Formatting .
    I'm not a security expert, but I guess this is not a secure solution.  For example, if the user puts in the field the value
    javascript:alert(123); we get a link that calls a Javascript function:
    <a href="javascript:alert(123);">javascript:alert(123);</a>  
    Is there any way to avoid this?
    How serious is this kind of issue.
  7. ptprog added a record in IP.Board   

    Problem with code and basic editor
    For some reason, only the first stays in a code block when we post a message (or switch to the RTE).The following contents were supposed to be all inside a code block.[code=auto:0]#include <stdio.h>[/code]int main() { return 0;}
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  8. ptprog added a post in a topic: FEATURE REQUEST - remove reputation points   

    We can remove reputation points when using the like system.  I don't see any reason to not allow users to remove reputation points.
  9. ptprog added a post in a topic: Feature Request: E-mail Validation   

    I always assumed that before the validation a user could not login...  I believe most of users if do not receive the validation email either register another account or go away.
    So, I think this feature request makes sense.
  10. ptprog added a record in IP.Board   

    Emoticons are replaced in RTE, even if "Enable emoticons?" is disabled
    Create a new topic, putting the content of the following code box in the RTE[code=auto:0] :)[/code]
    Then disable the option "Enable emoticons?" and press "Preview Post".  The text is replaced by a figure, which I guess it is not the appropriate behavior (it makes it difficult to review the post).
    Moreover, if we switch to the basic editor, we get the text[code=:0] :smile: [/code]
    And that's the text that is shown after clicking on "Post New Topic".
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  11. ptprog added a record in IP.Board   

    Editor bugs
    When using "More Reply Options" and RTE:
    - New lines in code boxes are duplicated
    (See [url=""][/url])
    When using fast reply and RTE:
    - Blank lines are removed when pasting contents (not sure if this is a bug, or a limitation of using RTE...)
    When using fast reply and basic editor:
    - &#NN; are decode (and �NN; are not decoded)
    - The same happens when we change from basic editor to RTE
    The &#NN; is not decoded when inside a code box (so this is not "critical"), but considering the behavior of RTE, I would say this is a bug.
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  12. ptprog added a comment on a file: [CH59] Award Icons - Light Icons   

    Nice work! :)
  13. ptprog added a post in a topic: Lazy Loader   

    I have user(s) that use my forums with Javascript disabled.  (But I'm aware that IPB has limitation when Javascript is disabled.)
  14. ptprog added a post in a topic: Lazy Loader   

    It seems that if we disable Javascript, images are not loaded at all.
    Is there any way to change this behavior, so that images are all loaded (as if the mod was not installed) when Javascript is disabled?
  15. ptprog added a post in a topic: GeSHi drop-in replacement for Codeboxes   

    I would like to try it.

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