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  1. Bishoy added a comment on a file: Ramadan Nontan (RTL Seasonal Skin)   

    Great work buddy :)
  2. Bishoy added a post in a topic: Rearrange Topics & Members' IDs   

    Thanks a lot for your help :)

    I will try the query you provided.
  3. Bishoy added a post in a topic: Rearrange Topics & Members' IDs   


    I have recently performed a forum merge using the IPB converter, everything seems fine so far. But there's only 1 thing botherinng me which is the topics and members ids!

    I have merged only the members, and decided to remove all the topics and posts and start a fresh start. New topics have big numbers IDs. I also want to arrange the member's ids and change some of them.

    I know this might sound trivial, but I'd like to keep the community clean.

    Any ideas? SQL queries to run or somthing?

    Thanks in advance :)
  4. Bishoy added a record in IPS Web Site and Client Area (not for software issues)   

    Changing Display name

    I'm trying to change my display name here in the IPS forums, but after I enter the new name and my current password, it gives me a not found page! Then I tried again after several minutes, it gave me a blank page.

    I dunno if this is a bug or what..
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