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  1. ChangingFaces added a post in a topic: All my boards disappeared...? Please Help
    Anyone know where the boards went, and how I could get them back?
    Basically, I logged on and they were all gone. The users are still there, the posts are still logged, etc. I haven't used ftp in over a month, haven't installed any new plugins in months, it's literally been untouched.
    Does anyone know what would cause all the names of my boards to be deleted? I have to rename every board.
  2. ChangingFaces added a post in a topic: Download: WordPress SSO Integration   

    Hey all, does anyone know where I would update the script so that it pulls my users from the right database and table?

    It's pulling my users from the wrong IPB table (I have two due to converting to IPB and more) and Wordpress SSO is recognizing the wrong table. Now all new members on my IPB can't login to my Wordpress because Wordpress is pulling the old IPB database, and not the current one.

    Please advise! Thanks

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