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  1. Christian M. added a comment on a file: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    if it were summer i would spend my entire time making this compatible with IPB again.
  2. Christian M. added a comment on a file: DB Customization Manager   

    its like a trash bin dude. If u permanently remove it u cant get it back. what ur saying is that it would create a backup of tat query, what would be the point if the whole reason was to remove it .
  3. Christian M. added a comment on a file: (SD) Company Directory   

    So... no front end screenshots?

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    Have to plan for IPBWiki 2.0 when IPB 4.0 releases :|

  2. Christian M.

    MY motivational level is wayyyy down.

  3. Christian M.

    -_- Im 17 now

  4. Christian M.

    I may be 16, but I know where you live. (Literally)

  5. Christian M.

    I can do "skin" revivals depending on versions, 3.1.4-latest

  6. Christian M.

    I will no longer be servicing people because I have no access to help you.... So dont pm me

  7. Christian M.

    Windows 8 having problems, typeview doesnt work well