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  1. Ibai added a post in a topic: Help with furlTemplates   

    Well, if someone wants the solution, I finally got it.
    I've got my community installed in /foro/ directory and created a customized app to use as homepage. I wanted that when they go to / (root), it would load /foro/?app=home so I did the following:
    Firstly, I added to the furlTemplates.php to my app like this:
    $_SEOTEMPLATES = array( 'app=home' => array( 'app' => 'home', 'allowRedirect' => 0, 'out' => array( '/app=home$/i', '../' ),//para que vaya a la raiz 'in' => array( 'regex' => "#^/home#i", 'matches' => array( array( 'app', 'home' ) ) ) ), ); Pay attention to the 'out' element, it goes to "../".
    And after that, in my .htaccess in the / (root) added this line:
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !^(.+)$ RewriteRule ^index.php$ /foro/index.php?app=home [L] Of course, change /foro/ to your forum direction.
    Hope this helps!
    Here is a demo of the result: http://www.fmsite.net
  2. Ibai added a post in a topic: Help with furlTemplates   

    Hi Aiwa,
    Thanks again.
    And what does that index.php needs to run that way?
  3. Ibai added a post in a topic: Help with furlTemplates   

    Thanks por your reply Aiwa.
    I'm not running IP.Content. :(
    Then, I'm going to move my community from /foro/ to root.
    The question changes if I do that: If I set my customized app as the app by default of the community, I've seen that that would work this way:
    domain.com/home -> my app
    domain.com/ -> my app
    But my forum would be:
    And a forum:
    Could that index.php be changed to /foro/? Would that be possible?
  4. Ibai added a post in a topic: Help with furlTemplates   

    Hi there,
    I'm developing a "homepage" (portal) for my community and I would like to create a FURL for that.
    My forum is installed in a directory of my site like domain.com/foro and I managed to make work a FURL like: domain.com/foro/home 
    However, I was wondering if I could make that FURL to be domain.com/home
    Is this possible? How could I do that?
  5. Ibai added a post in a topic: Only file links   

    Hi there,
    I'm thinking on buying IP.Download product but I don't want to host the files in my server. I've always linked my files to rapidshare and that kind of file-hosting web pages.
    So, my question is if IP.Download can do this: Instead of link the file to a file in my server, link it to an external webpage.
    I would want to see an example of this. Does anyone use IP.Downloads in this way?
  6. Ibai added a post in a topic: Download: (Pav32) Someone Mentions You   

    Sometimes my users do not get notifications when they are @mentioned.

    How is this working exactly? Why sometimes they don't get notification?

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