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  1. ipser added a comment on a file: Widget Kit   

    Very nice. This is one of most important "Tools" i was searching for.
  2. ipser added a post in a topic: Answer a PM via E-Mail   


    if you have turned on E-Mail Notifications for PMs, it would be very nice if you can also answer via E-Mail (if you got a new PM notification in your Inbox - reply to it).

    -- at0m33
  3. ipser added a comment: IPB Wrapper is not working correctly ("hover-menu" not working)   

    Ok, i just replaced the functions "$" with "jQuery"... and it works properly now.
  4. ipser added a record in IP.Content   

    IPB Wrapper is not working correctly ("hover-menu" not working)
    Hey Guys,

    on some of my IP.Content pages, the wrapper is not working correctly.

    I mean, when you click on the buttons in the upper left (my profile, the message icon, the notification icon, ...) you are redirected to the page instead of popping out these "kind" of (overview-) hover menu.

    This problem only appears on a few ip.content pages and i dont know what is causing this.

    Example: [url="http://www.biocrafting.net/page/test/hoveralls_test.html"]http://www.biocrafting.net/page/test/hoveralls_test.html[/url]

    (You can log in with username test and password test)
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  5. ipser added a post in a topic: External Editing   

    Some Updates on this? Im also looking for this feature.
  6. ipser added a post in a topic: Collapse forums in the ACP and hide them   

    Hey Guys,

    i was migrating my community from woltlab burning board 3 (short: wbb3) / wordpress to the invision power suite (board, content) some time ago.

    2 Features that i actually cant find in IPS:

    1. Collapse the Forums under ACP -> Forums -> Forums -> Manage Forums

    That would be very nice, you can collapse them if you have many many categories and you get a great overview, also its useful to sort the forums and categories (wbb3 can do this). Or whats about a search option here (like the "Manage Members" page)?

    2. Hide Forums from the forum index for everyone, but make it accessible via a link

    If you click on the link, you get to this "hidden from index" forum (wbb3 can do this). This would be nice to seperate very large categories to a extra site and let the index somewhat clearer - or whats about the ability to define various forum indexes, so that you can say - this and this categories are on this page ... and so on.



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