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  1. synesthete added a post in a topic: Removing font option from editor   

    Not meaning to bring back up an old thread, but this was extremely helpful! Does anyone know how I could also disable the size in the CKE? I tried changing .cke_font to .cke_size above but it didn't seem to do anything. Thanks in advance!
  2. synesthete added a post in a topic: Feeling Stupid Over Sidebar Content   

    I really appreciate your help! Still trying to figure it out a bit, but I think I'm on a good path.

    As an aside, I've yet to find a good hook or customization to bring in a "Recent Articles" block in the sidebar. I've actually gotten it a bit, but it doesn't match the "Recent Topics" with the avatar and user information. Do you or does anyone have any info on a good Recent Articles block or example of customization that works great?

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